1/72 MACO – 7206 – sWS with 3.7cm FlaK43

Probably this is the kit that I wanted more since starting scale modelling. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get one sooner, but the wait was worthwhile. The sWS is fabulous, and its tracks are probably the best I’ve seen in 1/72 scale, very delicate and detailed, yet remaining “in scale”. I used a PE set from Part, but this kit really goes fine just out of the box. There are a few pin marks on the cargo, but that can easily be solved with mr. Surfacer or any other putty.

_MG_5335-005 _MG_5460-002 _MG_5461-003 _MG_5462-004

The Flak is also very good, though the shield is a little too thick, but the excess could easily be sanded off. Besides that, I added few other details, based on some reference photos. I purchased the brass chains for the cargo separately.

_MG_5566-005 _MG_5568-001 _MG_5569-002 _MG_5571-004

The most difficult part was to scratch the spent shell basket, which was missing from the kit. I used a Lipton tea bag for the net and stretched sprue for the frame, and I was very happy with the result.

_MG_5708-001 _MG_5706-002 _MG_5703-003 _MG_5566-005

After the construction I airbrushed the basic colours, while the camouflage pattern was brush painted.

_MG_6007-003 _MG_6008-004 _MG_6006-002 _MG_6005-001

After that, I applied oil colours for the weathering and some pigments. And I made a little base with cobblestone using some kind of insulation foam engraved with a toothpick.

_MG_6146-006_zpsf6551d3c _MG_6145-005_zpscbc51582 _MG_6143-004_zpsf190512b _MG_6142-003_zpsad21bbc5 _MG_6140-002_zps55226d4e _MG_6134-001_zps9a9a78dc

In conclusion, this is one of the finest kit I have ever built in 1/72 and the one that I’ve enjoyed most so far.

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