Zvezda WWII Soviet naval infanty 1/72 (6146).

Hello all,

I would like to start by wishing everyone a happy new year and then say thanks for being invited to post on this great blog with people who can paint a hell of a lot better than me! I just hope my stuff is up to standard, I can get away with my shoddy work on my own blog.

I do not normally buy the Zvezda art of tactics infantry sets out of principle. Paying for only four plastic soldiers nearly the same price for a full set is a bit of a con (however good they are). The gun sets are great value for money and have a few gem’s there.I had to make an exception with this set though because I have a soft spot for unusual sets and these fit the bill. I know Pegasus have done a set of Soviet naval infantry but not in what appears to be summer dress.

The figures are up to the normal Zvezda high quality by using multi part figures to give a good three dimensional look to them. The poses are great especially the bloke kneeing down throwing the grenade, a great touch I think.There is a good level of detail on the figures like the ammo belts, I decided not to try and paint every round on every belt because I would still be there now!

The only down sides to these lads are the fact that they do not have the scarf thingy (forgive me but I was in the army not the navy) like the Pegasus set have.This could be sorted out with a bit of “green stuff” but I am not too sure if it would have been worn in combat, if anyone knows different please, please let us know.

The other problem was the fit of the parts. It say’s on the box “snap fit” but I found it very difficult to get them to fit, so out came a knife and super glue and surprise surprise they fitted! I am sure someone who knows what they are doing will get them to fit better than me but it worked.

I will look at getting the Soviet sappers and recon team just because they are something different and I have a plan in mind for them in a small diorama so watch this blog. All in all a good investment that will be put to good use in the future.

As always remember you can find this beautiful set at best prices through our Ebay utility searcher, here.

6 thoughts on “Zvezda WWII Soviet naval infanty 1/72 (6146).”

  1. Welcome aboard Rich ! Glad to see your excellent work here !!
    You did a great job on these guys, is the first time i see this set painted, they look great figures.

  2. Thanks Peter !
    Our Mate Rich will be also here, i hope for a long long time !

    Your Napoleonic could be very welcome too ! but we need to get some more revenues in the Ebay searcher to catch another collaborator ! 😉

    Cheers !

  3. The ‘scarf thingy’ is the traditional sailor square collar (and I was in the army too!); the usual combat dress for Naval Infantry was the short wool jacket called a pea coat in the US Navy. From what I can make of these figures, the advancing rifleman should definitely be wearing his as per the box art. Although widely issued with army gear, these guys took a pride in retaining as much of their naval issue as they could.

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