nº29 – Altaya – IXO 3.7cm Flak 43 Auf (Sf) s WS

Panzer Division “Müncheberg” Germany – March 1945

Technical Details
3 Crew
1 Flak 43 37mm
300Km Range

Another of the quick German solutions to increase the anti-air protection of their units, mounting Flak guns over almost any capable platform.
This one is a Flak43 of 37mm, mounted in a 5Ton Chassis, the same issued to the Panzerwerfer 42. Most of this tractor were issued not armoured, just as tractors, but since 1944 some of them were issued with armoured cabs.
The Flak43 was a very capable weapon, firing at a 250 rounds per minute. Mounted in this platform it was capable to fire in a -9º to 90º elevation and traverse 360º. His range was between 6500 – 4800 metres, depending of the shell type used.

Altaya’s model, as usual, comes in fixed transport mode. This one don’t looks specially good, although the quality is the IXO standard the Flak itself looks pretty bad. Even this, the basket used to collect fired shells looks good.

It’s not a very common subject in our scale, but a high quality ones can be found in the MACO range.

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