nº44 – Altaya – IXO Flakpanzer 341 Coelian Prototype

Altaya – IXO Flakpanzer 341Coelian Prototype Berlin (Germany) – 1945

Technical Details
4/5 Crew
2 Flak 44 (37mm)
1 MG 34 (7,9mm)
1Granade Launcher (90mm)
Range: 200 Km on road and 170 Km off road.

As title said, this vehicle was just a prototype which never was produced, just one wooden model, with a different turret to ones Altaya depict here.
The other turret was designed with a single 5,5 cm gun, although some models show this one also with a double gun, also called Super Coelian, but no one was built. There isn’t clear information about this projects.
Based on Panther D chassis it would was a great anti-air weapon, but..

Model’s quality is Altaya usual one, the worst the guns itself, they are plastic ones, and seems to be curved, probably due a bad storage exposed to high temperatures.
One missing detail (i can’t see it) is the 90mm grenade launcher…

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