nº28 – Altaya – IXO – B-4 M1931 203mm Howitzer

2nd Baltic Front – Kurland (URSS) – Spring 1945

Technical Details
15 Crew.

This monster of 19Tons needed around 15 men for firing service. It was capable to fire high explosive shells of 98,8 Kg with a range of around 18Km. Around 871 units were built and after the war it was modified to fire nuclear shells. It was in service until 70’s, when was replaced by the M1975, also 203mm.
Firing rate was low, about 1 round per 2 minutes but their destruction capability was awesome. It was deployed at Front level, and was issued specifically to destroy fortifications, bunkers and urban areas.

Altaya’s model show the usual quality of the brand, model is fixed in transport mode although the gun elevation works. There isn’t any special bad feature, maybe the worst of the model are the tracks.
Camouflage pattern is a very late war one, also used after war.
As other times, i must said that this kind of models (guns, light vehicles) looks quite well, while some of the tanks of the collection have a very bad looking and low quality details.

Again, this one is a very exclusive model in our scale, none of the major plastic manufacturers have it on their ranges, and at this moment we don’t know any metal or resin manufacturer doing it, a “big” budget in the market.
Our big brothers of the 1/35 scale can found it in the Trumpeter range.

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