Revell 21 cm Mörser 18

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Revell 21 cm Mörser 18

The Mörser 18 was designed to replace his obsolescent brother from World War I, 21 cm Mörser 16. It was one of the first guns with a dual-recoil system. His fire rate was very lower than her little brother the 17cm gun. and by this, his production was stooped between 1942-1943, but war needs resume his production until the end. With his 16,700 meters range and capacity to fire 125Kg bombs was a terrible weapon.
Usually was dismounted in two pieces for transport, but if necessary just one FAMO 18 could transport it.
Revell model is well detailed, model can be constructed on fire or transport mode, pictures below are showing fire position , with the rear suspension changed.


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