Hasegawa Sherman M4A3E8

Hasegawa Sherman M4A3E8

M4A3E8 was one of the latest Sherman involved in WWII, and the first with a 76mm gun and a new tracks and suspension system. This tank equilibrates (some) the usual disadvantage of US tank against german’s ones. Although it was still less armoured than German’s tanks it reduces the number of lost vehicles compared with previous versions of M4A3 .
Present from middle 1944, it was on US.Army until 1950 decade, when all Sherman were replaced by M46 Patton. M4A3E8 had a significance participation during Korean conflict.

Hasegawa’s model is easy to built , although it haven’t great detail is more than enough for wargaming. All parts fit well and there isn’t any issue with instructions.
It is painted at my standard for US.Army. Using Tamiya spay paint and the washed and pigmented. Crew is from model itself.
For the stowage on back, i tried some new for me, making some items with news paper, glue and thread. It looks fine for me…

A good reinforcement for battle, easy and quick to built.

English Wikipedia haves a not bad reference for Sherman series.


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