Mk. IV Churchill MK VII

Forces of Valor Mk. IV Churchill MK VII

This model belongs to the collection D-DAY Commemorative Series Forces of Valor Unimax.

The chains are articulated and the detail is great, there is virtually nothing to do for him. The only part that is not good, is the front gun, too fat and does not fit into the socket, so it is down. The rider is a bit dark, but the figure is not bad.

Nor is it very nice price, which surpasses by far the models to assemble, or those of other manufacturers such as Easy Model or Ixo, although the quality is far superior to those of Altaya-IXO.

One thought on “Forces of Valor Mk. IV Churchill MK VII”

  1. Sábado 10 de Marzo de 2012
    Hola amigo !!!
    Hace años que trato de adquirir el modelo Churchill MK lV ó MK Vll de la firma Forces of Valor.
    Es el único modelo que me falta de esta setie (1/72) y no lo consigo.
    ¿Tenés alguna referencia de quién es el importador de esta marca en Argentina?
    José Antonio

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