News – Hät new releases.

Already on marketplace Hät have released a new large batch of sets, with some very interesting additions, from Colonial to WW2 through a couple of WWI sets.
Details as test shots can be found in Hät page,

Released sets are as following:

8191 Zulu Warrior
8235 WWI Highlanders
8236 WWI Indian Infantry
8262 German Tank Riders
8263 Russian Tank Riders
8264 British Tank Riders
8265 US Tank Riders
8271 Dervish Warriors

My personal interest goes to Colonial and WWII ones, which seems to have the excellent sculpture quality which Hät is lately showing, and cover some subjects hard to find in other ways (Preiser and some of them are depict for first time). We don’t want to discuss here if German troops were riding tanks to engage in combat, but as many pictures show sure it occurs in other moments, and the same for US and British troops, it was very common to ride a tank for transport and also they can work great to populate other vehicles such half-tracks.
About the WWI Indian infantry I guess they can be used as colonial troops for early 20th century or very late 19th. We will wait to Plastic Soldier Review comments to know more about this.

The 4 non WWII sets haves the same problem, they are 32 figures in 4 equal sprue, with only 8 poses, without command, NCOs, bearers or so. So they are a bit repetitive. $ tank riders’ sets have 44 figures in 11 poses, including 2 tank crew (half figures) and a great variety of weapons and officers, so they look more completed sets.

Pictures at Hät.
WW2 US Tank Riders
WW2 British Tank Riders
WW2 Russian Tank Riders
WW2 German Tank Riders
Dervish warriors
Zulu Warriors
Indian WWI Infantry
WWI Highlanders

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