Wargames Factory Viking Huscarls

This Wargames Factory’s set includes parts to built up 32 Viking Huscarls. It comes spread in 12 sprue, 8 for bodies and arms and 8 for weapons and shields. There are axes, spears, swords and even 16 archers are available. Weapons variety is not a problem. Some swords are sheathed to complement figures and you have 12 different heads to choose. A horn per weapon sprue is also included, so some “musician” can be built.


Each sprue comes with 4 bodies (body and legs in one piece, so poses are limited), with a quite better detail than their Roman sets, although it’s still improvable. Depend on the way you built up the figures you will get a well spare bunch of pieces, something which i like :).

Poses are a bit an odd, and some special character to make a command group are needed, but figures are good enough to built up a mass troop.
Paint work was easy, base coat, Devlan mud wash (black ones for the metal zones) and the highlight with base colour again.

Figures after wash:


One highlight and bases almost finished. Bases worked as always with “Vandall” (pumice stone) and once dried washed with an earth colour or Devlan Mud.


All finished:



Shields with transfers.


The set is available through our utility here.

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