28mm Listings.

28mm Listings updated and reorder.

We have been updating our 28mm listings, and finally decided to split a new category under the main 28mm ones, to allocate all buildings and plastic accessory kits of our scoped brands. We will work on this category on following days.

Also we have added some new/missed products as follow:

Warlord Games – WGP22 – Pike & Shotte Infantry Regiment plastic boxed set
Warlord Games – WGP21 – Pike & Shotte Cavalry plastic boxed set
Warlord Games – WGP18 – Pike & Shotte Ordnance Battery
Warlord Games – WGBTER40 – Stone Bridge plastic boxed set
Warlord Games – WGBSTART21 – Stug III Zug plastic box set
Warlord Games – WGBWM09 – German Grenadiers plastic box set
Gripping Beast – GBP06 – Arab Light Cavalry
Gripping Beast – GBP05 – Arab Heavy Cavalry
Perry Miniatures – WR60 – Light Cavalry 1450-1500


The most noticeable are the real novelties, such both Gripping Beast kits, something new in the 28mm plastic ranges, the Perry’s new late medieval cavalry, a great complement to their existing range or the Warlord German Grenadiers plastic box. A not new topic, but new tooled figures.
Remarkable too, is how the Italeri 1/72 Stone bridge has grow to the 28mm scale.

Warlord Games is reordering their Pike & Shotte range. Two generic infantry and cavalry boxes have been packed to replace the quite extensive previous list of concrete boxes such Imperialist or Swedish infantry.. and so. all these previous boxes was based on the same plastic sprue with different metal complements. Now there will be only a generic plastic box while metal complements can be found in the appropriate range as separated products, and the same for the Cavalry.
Also they have packed an excellent Artillery box, a novelty, although all his content were already available, now you can pick up 2 guns and a mortar, plus crew and some specialists, as well as gabions and platforms in a single box.
We think this is a clever re-order of the range. To keep together the old and new boxes we have created a new tag, 28mm Pike and Shotte.


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