Caesar news. [UPDATED]

The next batch of releases by Caesar is here.


They comprise the following sets:

H077 – German Soldiers with Tank Riders
H082 – Counter-Terrorist Elite Forces
H086 – Dismounted Crusaders
H087 – Medieval European Knights 13th Century
H088 – European Medieval Foot Soldiers and Archers

The next batch of release will be the expected multi-part figures by Caesar, a new feature by this brand. This batch seems to be whole dedicated to German WW2 troops.


Seems that the multi-part series is already in some stores. They are:

CMH7211 German Infantry
CMH7212 German Paratroopers
CMH7213 German Afrikakorps
CMH7214 World War II German Panzergrenadiers
CMH7215 World War II German Panzergrenadier (Kursk)
CMH7216 German Panzergrenadier (Normandy 1944)
CMH7217 German Panzergrenadiers in Capes

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