Hät – New batch of releases.

To end the year Hät is close to release a new batch of excellent sets.

In our favourite scale they are:

8174 Brunswick Cavalry
8175 Wurttemberg Cavalry
8197 Prussian Hussars
8237 Zulu War British Inf
8248 El Cid Spanish Command
8249 El Cid Moorish Command
8279 Nap Mounted Officers
8299 Zulu War Brit Command
8304 Napoleonic British Command

Some of them long time waited, as are the related to Zulu Wars. All have an excellent looking, but some features catch our attention, as for example the existence of separate heads, even one set show figures without head. This can cause some problem as glue don’t take very well this figs, but are a nice detail to achieve more variety.
Also the sculpture for the “El Cid” related boxes haves a superb appearance.
Napoleonic fans also will be very happy, a well bunch of related sets are in the list.

Also they will release two sets in the 1/32 scale, not in the scope of this blog.

Note than the sprue shots correspond to a test stage, so could happen some changes with the final released product.

All the images are copyright © Hät and are showed in their site. http://www.hat.com/ Some test painted figures also are showed there, but, in our honest opinion, some of the test painters are not to rise the quality of the figures.

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