Ultima Ratio – UR014 – Union Infantry – Irish Brigade

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Union Infantry – Irish Brigade
American Civil War

Unpainted plastic soldiers in 1/72 scale of Union Infantry during the American Civil War, in particular depicting the so called Irish Brigade, of course mainly composed of Irish migrants. They battle cry was “Faugh a Ballaugh” (clear the way). It grouped up to 5 regiments, and was the Union brigade with more casualties of all the American Civil War.

For a long part of the war several of their line companies in some regiments had old smoothbore muskets (Model 1842 smoothbore), to be able to fire a short of canisters with several balls (buck-and-ball shot), which had a deadly effect in close ranges. By the pictures below we don’t know if such weapon has been issued in these figures.

Box contains 34 figures in 14 poses, in a composition of 3 equal sprues with 10 figures each (in 10 poses) plus a command sprue with 4 figures in 4 poses. Poses are a mix of fire line, marching and charging (and a killed soldiers), which makes it more difficult for gamers.



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