Lots, lots lots… Biggest deals for 1/72 scale in Ebay.

One of the biggest pleasures as 1/72 plastic soldiers collector is put your hands over one of those big lots that populate Ebay as second hand sales.

It’s something we never tried to list/cover in our site before, due the kit by kit approach we follow in our regular sections, as kind of database.

This page try to bring some of the biggest deals available in Ebay specially for plastic soldiers in 1/72 scale. Search function is not perfect, so be aware that several not so great deals can appear on the results, as well as some big deal may be missed due the titles and descriptions which seller puts on the sale.

Anyway, it looks like we are quite close to provide the biggest lots you can find in Ebay.

We hope this page is of interest for some of the eager collectors who visit us and will be of useful.

This page updates in a daily basis.


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