BUM / GER-MAN / Pobeda – Victory and Metch – Sword

BUM (Barcelona Universal Models) and all its associated brands haven’t been updated for a long time, we never had a 100% coverage of them in the regular sections and all of them seems to be out of production some years ago.

As per 2021, we wrote couple of times to the contact mails we have, and haven’t been replied, as well as the old websites they had, are outdated (except the Slot cars one).

All together, thinking on how hard has been always identify what’s inside each box for these brands, and being honest about we’ll never complete the regular sections of these brands with all the missing kits and information, we have decided move them to this specials section, where we just pull out whatever kit is still available in one of our affiliate partners for these brands, without list as a separate piece each kit.

Brand official page: http://bum-german.blogspot.com.es/


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