Extratech was a Czech manufacturer, specialized in resin kits and PE detail parts and accessories. At their peak, the brand also released injected plastic model kits in cooperation with Eduard, for the M10 tank destroyers series as well as Sherman tanks in several different variants.

In their catalogue, which was very extensive, there was many uncommon topics, and great variety from very small accessories to several big radar stations or cranes, cross armoured cars and others, all of them well detailed, and usually consisting of resin parts with PE details, or plastic parts (and resin parts some times) with PE parts.

For years we kept this brand in our regular sections listings, but we never listed the accessories packs and probably the models list was not complete either. The availability of Extratech products is very limited nowadays, these, are the main reasons to remove it from the regular sections to this special page.

As every kit based on resin + PE, they are complicated to build and we don’t recommend them for beginners but for more experienced modellers.

The brand went out of production some years ago, some of their moulds/parts were sold/acquired by Brengun while the injected plastic kits also were released under Eduard brand, but since a short run technology was used it has been many years that no new reissues happened.


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