Planet Models

The Czech brand, associated to CMK and Special Hobby, is famous by their great quality resin products, often complemented with PE detail parts.

Planet models works both Aircraft and Vehicles line, offering in both of them unusual models not available through major brands and injected plastic kits.

In the Aircraft line, they feature vacuform canopies, which i always found hard to work, not for everyone taste, keep it in mind. In the vehicles line, those which need glasses are done of clear resin instead of clear sheet, another feature not for everyone.

About the resin parts, they are very well casted and clean, but resin, by its own nature, is not so easy to work as styrene plastic kits, so i wouldn’t recommend this line for beginners.

We kept during years the vehicles line in our regular sections, but this brand hasn’t great distribution and produce in limited quantities, as well as has not been updating too much the vehicles line during last years. Best way to buy this kits it’s in their official store at and thus we decided to move the brand to this special page, making available both aircraft (never listed by us) and vehicle line for those who prefer to buy at Ebay rather than the official store, or just to try to find those models already discontinued by the brand.


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