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Airfix announces for 2013.

Airfix announces for 2013.

Not many for our favourite scale, but there a few of nice addition.

Two nice buildings, depicting ruined houses. They are marked as Italian houses but we are sure they can be used in any European theatre.


The other new release in our scale is a nice ground set for aircraft lovers.



Some re-release of old sets also will be available.
The complete list can be browse here.

1/72 – Airfix 01720 – Robin hood

No longer released by Airfix, but by HaT, this has to be one of the most useful 1/72nd sets of medieval figures going.

It can be used to create not only Robins merry men but a revolting peasant army, generic levy troops, men operating siege equipment or just peasants standing about to fill, say a jousting scene.

The original plastic used by Airfix was a bit harder than that used by HaT. Although I have none in my collection (the figures pictured are all original Airfix products) I have seen the new HaT reproduction figures and the plastic used seems to leave a lot more flash than their 30 plus year old counterparts. This could also be down to the mould being old, but the softer plastic figures are certainly better than none, and as the original Airfix ones age, they can suffer from “plastic rot”..the plastic becoming brittle.

The original set still is easy to found, take a look here.
Hät’s new one is less abundant, but still available.

Each of the individual figures in the set, without repeats

And now…a couple of conversions! 😀

Conversions of the same figure headswops and new weapons for the 1st two. The one on the far right has had an arm from the Italeri´s english knights and archers set added, hood made from toilet paper, bow, a bent piece of wire.
Another 3 conversions of the same figure. Swap the head and that would make 6 new poses.
With a bit or arm twisting, swapping of weapons for pins as spears you can create more variety.
far left, a gunner firing a cannon, middle, head-swap and halberd from a Zvezda set, far right head-swap and a bit of green stuff (putty) and another gunner is created.


Airfix Vickers light tank BEF 1940 France 1/76.

Hello all,

Here is an older work of mine from 2010. I have always had a soft spot for small pre war light tanks , so when I bought an old JB models kit at a model show I was surprised by how simple it was to build. It only has 40 or so parts for three different variants “a” ,”b” and “c”. The tracks come as a complete unit and you could knock one this kit in an hour if pushed.

I wanted to try and modify this kit a bit so I tried to open the drivers hatch and commander’s hatch. Trying to find pictures on the net was a nightmare. I am lucky enough to live just down the road from Bovington tank museum were they have a Vickers on show! It was there I got the idea to do the pendants on the aerials. Tin foil was folded in half and glued around the wire and the cut into a triangle. The foil allowed the flag to shaped quite nicely and stay in “fluttering”. A few bits of stowage was add from a set from SGTS MESS.

The figures are from Wee friends, and I have been told that they did not wear khaki cover all’s but a black set. It make’s sense from the point of view of oil and stains but from a painting angle the khaki win’s. The poses are brilliant, the bloke laying down asleep is a first for me. I liked the idea of a peacefull diorama rather than a full on battle, and soldiers having a “brew” does bring back memories of being on exercise.

The men in shirt sleeves fixing the the tracks work well together in a dio and could be used on there own.The shirt colour is a bit of a matter of choice like the cover all’s. I want to try out some GW washes and all I could think of was a light blue/grey colour.

The base was one of my first larger efforts. Before that I used to only use GW black bases for single figure so this was a step up for me. The base is an old photo frame covered in PVA glue and sand with a wall from Jarvis scenery. I have been told that if the wall put at an angle it would have looked better and to be fair they have a point. The grass is from Silfor tufts and the trees are from woodland scenic.

The Airfix (Ex-JB) model still is available through Ebay here. Also you can found interesting the UMMT and Mirage range for this kind of vehicles. Take a look here.

Airfix 2012 New Range

Airfix has announced his new range for 2012 year.
Not very good news for the Braille Scale lovers, we can only mention 3 interesting novelties:

Two new buildings,

A75011 – Narrow Road Bridge Full Span

A75012 – Narrow Road Bridge Broken Span

(Both marked as 1/76)

An a new AFV,

A03310 – King Tiger Tank Also marked as 1/76

No new figures in our scale…
Also there are some new planes and new 1/48 stuff.

Airfix 01746 – Waterloo British Artillery

Hard to believe that this set came out in 1972!!! The 14 man crew, 2 guns and limber, all go to make a gun in action and one being towed. The following figures are from my private collection and are painted in Acrylics by my own fair hands 😀

It is one of Airfix´s better sets..although for the serious Napoleonic collector there are a few errors.

The guns...Why did they add rivets to the wheels!!? Apart from that the guns are accurate representations of 6-pdrs (?), even down to having small ammo boxes attached to the axle to the left and right of the barrel. The barrel doesn´t clip or peg into position but it simply lays on the trunions. This means if it were to be used for wargaming, the barrel needs to be glued or pinned to the carriage.

The gun carriage ( Limber) ..It has the correct number of six horses but they are not connected to each other although the one rear horse is attached to the limber and addition of traces isn´t impossible (see photos of the based set)

The Crew…Apart from the guy with the two buckets who seems a pretty odd pose and is therefore getting entangled with his scabbard, the whole crew look busy and engaged with the job in hand. Uniforms, of both crew and riders is correct. One notable point. The officer is holding his telescope with BOTH hands, which is correct. Most other telescope using figs seem to believe they have pirate ancestry and hold it with one hand.

This was at the time and still is a lovely set…and still the best representation of the Napoleonic RHA in plastic. It is however hard to acquire these days but it is well worth hunting down.

The figures and equipment painted but not based

The pictures have made the blue look a bit too light blue…

The painted figures..Based

I have added traces to the Limber and horses
The gun barrels have no holes to represent the bores. I´ve painted the "hollow" effect in.

You can try to find the set here.

Airfix German Infantry WWII

Airfix German Infantry WWII

My little tribute to this classic set, painting only bigger figures, compatibles with classic Esci and new Caesar’s sets, as reinforcement for my German army to play Disposable Heroes

The worst of the set, probably size of some weapons, although the man launching a grenade is a very good pose.

Complete set is 48 figures in 15 poses, but taken just bigger figures it is just 4 poses 15 figures.

I think today there are better sets depicting these men, appropriates for an early war army.

Airfix Sd Kfz 222 German Reconnaissance Set (02312)

Airfix Sd Kfz 222 from Airfix 1/76 German Reconnaissance Set (02312)

Airfix Sd Kfz 222 is probably one of the worst 222 available in 1/76 scale. The turret is so inaccurate that don’t correspond to any real version of 222. I was trying some new pigments with this models, but i just get some result with black pigment on scape zones. Dusted effect goes away in varnish phase. !?
I’m gladded with European theatre ones more than DAK, which seems to be more ugly.
Although they are 1/76 have a similar length and width than true 1/72, but is less tall, and wheels diameter is significantly appreciate.


At Airfix Tribute Forum you can see a lot of great reworks around turret.

Airfix Wilys Jeep

Airfix Wilys Jeep

Maybe this is 4×4 vehicle by excellence, 647.925 units were manufactured during war, by Willys and Ford, and after war continues in production until 1968 in civilian life. Through lend-lease programs served in Russian, English and French army.


Airfix model is original from Heller, it is true 1/72 and come with a cargo trailer, some jerry cams, crates and so, useful for other works. The crew is too little so i replaced them with two Caesar figures (U.S Infantry set I).
It’s painted with Tamiya’s spray, as M3A1 and Sherman.

Airfix Afrika Korps

Airfix 01711 Afrika Korps

48 Figures
15 Poses.

This set has been forgotten in a box during 15 years or more…

Airfix is not usually my favourite brand, many sets have no so good sculpting as other manufacturers, such ITALERI or Revell, but this set is a nice exception. The detail is quite good in this set, all figures looks proportionates, and covers well their subject.
I have based it for games such Disposable Heroes.

Six stand poses, front

The figures looks too dark, i continue learning. The pictures depict all the 12 stand poses of the set. they are mainly painted with Citadel colours, although there are some Vallejo model colour.