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nº21 – Altaya – M20 Armoured Utility Car

6th Cavalry Regiment – Germany 1945.

Technical Details
4 Crew.
1 M2 – 12.7mm
560Km range.

The M20 is a variant of the M8 Greyhound, with the turret replaced with a low armored open-topped superstructure and an anti-aircraft ring mount for a .50-in M2 heavy machine gun. It was used mainly for command purpose and forward reconnaissance tasks.

Ford produced around 3,680 units during years 1943 and 1944.

The Altaya model don’t make a favor tho this nice vehicle, all details are very basic, the MG, the interior detail and so. The rough aerials don’t contribute at all to beautify the model, so this is not the best in the collection.

Maybe after so many Altaya models in our hands we are tired to see same basic detail and problems in all the models. Their good points are just a few, while poor points are a well bunch. Better options for this vehicle are available in the market, they are expensive, it’s true, but the difference in the quality is also very appreciable.

nº19 – Altaya – Ixo – M-10 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion

1st Armored Division Anzio (Italy) 1944

Technical Details
5 Crew.
1 M7 76.2mm
1 M2HB 3 – 7.62mm
300Km Range

More Ataya’s models !!
The M10 are a well know family of tank destroyers. The model depicted here is a not bad one, although some details are quite basic as usually we see in this collection.

The camouflage pattern it’s a nice one, the more easy is to paint this vehicle all Green, so this variation is welcome. The odds, the interior detail, the MG’s and the aerial.

There is some options to get this model in 1/72 scale, not only in sets to built, also more diecast options are available. Hobby Master haves no less of 10 version for this vehicle, the most similar to the showed here is this and the quality is quite better. You can take a look to the rest of the Hobby Master models here.

nº22 – Altaya IXO – MCV 80 Warrior

7th Armoured Brigade Iraq 2003

Technical Details.
3 Crew + 7 Transported
1 L21A1 Rarden 30mm
1MG 7.62mm
650Km Range

Well, it has been some long since our last update of the Altaya Collection, we will resume our publishing activities during this year, we promise it.

The Warrior tracked armoured vehicle is a family designed long time ago, during 70’s. Of course it has received several updates in this time and has seen action in all the latest conflicts were the Bitish army has been involved, such the Iraq invasion in 2003, has the concrete model depicted by Altaya. More updated has come since 2003 and still more are planned for the future, so seems that this family will be in service many more years. You can learn some more in the WikiPedia.

Some details don’t look specially good, as usual, the aerials are too thick and paint work is nothing special. A collectors piece, and why not, usable for some modern wargame.
Revell and Trumpeter have this vehicle in their ranges, if you prefer to built up yourself.

nº13 – Altaya – IXO – DeAgostini: Panhard EBR-75 FL 11

Panhard EBR-75 FL 11 – 1er REC Légion Étrangère Algeria 1957.

Technical Details
4 crew
One 75mm SA-50 gun.
105 Km/h on road, 65 Km/h off road.
3 7,5mm MG.

The Panhard was the first French reconnaissance vehicle post world war II, with a characteristic 8 rad train and a 75mm gun in a FL-11 turret.
Two central wheels were totally metallic, and commonly were elevated, used only in sandy or mud terrains.
Initial version were equipped with a FL-10 turret and a SA-49 75mm gun, but upon 1954 it was upgraded to the FL-11 turret, the same used by the AMX-13 light tank.
Lately, in 1963, a new gun was installed in the FL-11 turret, a F2 90mm gun.
As the German world war two reconnaissance vehicles they was equipped with two drivers positions, so it was capable to change direction at any moment.

Around 1200 units were manufactured, sawing service in Alger or Angola, used by Portuguese troops, which acquired 50 units.

Some different versions were manufactured for personal transport or even an AA prototype, armed with 2 30mm guns.

The Panhard series were replaced upon 1977, by the new AMX-10 RC vehicle.

Overall aspect of the model is quite correct, a best looking one in the collection, although as always with the simplified and basic detail provided by Altaya.

nº12 – Altaya – IXO – DeAgostini Sd. Kfz. 124 Wespe

Altaya – IXO – Sd. Kfz. 124 Wespe SS-Pz.Gren.Div Wiking Kharkov (USSR) 1943

Technical Details
5 Crew
40 Km/h on road 25 Km/h off road.
1 FH18M 105mm
1 MG 34 7,92mm

Based on the Pz.II Ausf.F chassis, this self propelled artillery vehicle was manufactured since February 1943 to Summer 1944, around 682 units were manufactured and they saw service until the end of the war.
It was capable to transport 32 shells with an effective range of 8.400m.
In March 1945 still were 307 units in service. First units saw service during the Kursk battle, in the 1943 summer.

One of the problems of this vehicle was the open turret, which was always a problem for the crew. Also the limited space available to load and aim the gun.
Although this model could belong to the Panzer collection it is from the newest Armour collection ones.

As always Altaya’s quality is not the best available in Diecast world, but anyway it’s a nice model, showing an interesting camouflage pattern. Interior detail is quite basic and simplified, also the gun itself is not the best part, all made in plastic.
A bit misunderstanding between the base plate and the issue, while base talk about a vehicle for Karkhov 1943 (After Stalingrad disaster) the issue talk about Kursk 43, where the Wiking was deployed as reserve.

nº07 – DeAgostini – Altaya – IXO Dukw 353

Altaya IXO Dukw 353 U.S.Marine Corps Iwo Jima (Japan) 1945

Technical Details
2 Crew.
Range 640Km, 93Km in the water.
1 MG M2 12,70mm
It can reach 10 Km/h in the water.

This amphibious artefact was developed over a GMC 353 truck. It had an important role in all the amphibious operation of the U.S. army. In Pacific and European theatre. A large number were involved in operation such Normandy or Iwo Jima, which is the choice of Altaya to depict here, a vehicle in service for the U.S Marine Corps. More than 29000 units were built, some of them to saw service in French, English or Australian armies, and about 585 units saw service in the Soviet Union army during WWII.
Most of them wasn’t armed but some units haves a heavy machine gun M2 12,70mm. It was capable to transport 12 infantry men or 2,3 load tons.
French army used them during Indochina conflict, and British used them on Malaysia and Borneo in the 60th’s. U.S. Army also used them during Korea conflict and even some of them properly maintained still work in recreational functions.

Altaya’s model is quite good this time, nice camouflage and good average detail, in the Altaya’s range. Don’t forget these models are quite cheap than other Diecast’s manufacturers, and Altaya is presenting a lot of models never did in Diecast World and 1/72 scale. Dinky and Solido also haves a Dukw in their range, but not in 1/72 scale.