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Imex 1/72 502 Confederate Artillery

Imex 1/72 502 Confederate Artillery

Well, second entry for confederate artillery, painted in a more irregular style, as usually they are depicted. This time Imex 302 set, which haves 3 guns and one limber, instead of the 2 and 2 from the Accurate set. This set also comes with several infantry figures, which i reserve for future infantry bases.

Full review at Plastic Soldier Review, also you can purchase the set here. The officer also isn’t from Imex set, it comes from Accurate/Revell infantry set.

To be honest once again i’m not very gladded with final result, bases looks pretty well for gaming, but figures paint work isn’t my best. The one i loves the bounded old man seated on the limber, a great figure.

The worst faces details, aren’t too depth, so bad result achieved by washes / dry brush technique.

Horses are the same poses than the Accurate set, and also the figure riding one, but with some details added.
The fourth gun, on the limber (set only haves three) is a mix of an Imex body and Accurate barrel. Defends are from Accurate pioneers set and Imex ACW accessory. I must say Accurate artillery figures are a bit taller, and also guns are bigger, but quite compatibles. If i will paint Confederate artyllery some time it will be a mix of both sets, Accurate and Imex. (I still haves one of each.)

With this work i completes 5 guns and 2 limbers, which is enough to play by the moment.

Next ACW work will be Confederate cavalry, probably Imex and Gulliver ones.

1/72 Accurate 7204 American Civil War Artillery Team

1/72 Accurate 7204 American Civil War Artillery Team

A complete review can be found, as always at PlasticSoldierReview.
Set haves 18 figures, two guns and two limber with eight horses. I reserved one officer figure, and also just put one horse rider in the limber, as both are the same figure (Figure also present on Imex confederate artillery set, which is done by the same sculptor, i think). Also, i just painted one limber.

This set, also issued by Revell, is intended for both, union and confederate armies, although they look more confederates for me.
Bases are from Warbases.co.uk and i pretend use them for two big armies for both sides.

Accurate ACW sets have one thing i like, proportion of the figures aren’t always the same, which looks more natural, as real life. an example, one of the seated figures on the limber, is clearly an old men, with belly 🙂 ! and gun crew also are men from different sizes.
By the way the set have some flash, but the worst is the lack of detail on some important areas as faces. In general, details isn’t quite depth, so after prime it’s difficult to see all, not good for a wash + dry bush technique.

Light grey is not an easy colour for me, but this time i’m gladded with result.

Base colour is Citadel “Fortress Grey”, washed with diluted black, and then, dry bush with “Fortress Grey” +White.

This is the first step to built two armies, to play with “Fire & Fury” and “American Civil War Battles” rules. So this year many ACW items will be show here.

Gulliver Confederate Cavalry

Gulliver Confederate Cavalry

This treasure has been purchased through ebay, for a reasonable price of 12€ . This was the only set never made by this manufacturer. It has a great paint guide and a brief history, the set seems to be made very well. It’s a pity never made more sets, the sculpture and pose looks very nice. They have to wait to be painted and based, so i let the set pictures as a taste.