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28mm – Tercios Miniatures By El Kraken Released – Ottoman Artillery

Lights and shadows.. those are my thought about the full Ottoman range by this brand, Tercios Miniatures by El Kraken released, and these thoughts doesn’t apply to the Spanish Tercios range, which is a brilliant one, but they also apply to the Polish Lithuanian range.

Below we have some pictures from an Ottoman gun, with three crew figures. And this is the beginning of the shadows, to me, 3 crew men, are not enough for a gun.

The figures itself are in the correct side, but nothing special, they provide a weird sponge by one side linstock by the other as the only tool in the kit, that i didn’t used, instead of it, a TAG Linstock has been added.

The figure carrying the Linstock, is probably the worse in the lot.

The other looks good to me, but i would have prefer a real sable/sword instead of that ridiculous knife to order a gun fire. And even better, and specialist pose aiming the gun or any other useful task.

Any assemble is required for the figures other than attach the tool provide or of your choice to the figure intended for it.

The we can speak about the gun.

It’s very well engineered, carriage come in 2 parts, and the locks for the barrel are also individual parts, plus the barrel itself and wheels, you get a 7 parts gun, while the common here is a 4 parts.

This way, they can achieve a better detail in the carriage, and it’s not particularly difficult to fit together.

Detail is pretty good all over the gun, and the barrel has a simple but nice decoration.

But if you carefully looks at the pictures, probably will feel the same than me.. there is some sort of disproportion in between the barrel length and the carriage.. and if looks carefully at the picture where the gun is in a frontal view, there is another disproportion between the carriage length and its width.

All together the gun looks fine, but weird on almost every side view. Too narrow for its length and barrel doesn’t fit either the carriage length.

Drums and sacks in the base decoration are not by the brand, they are resin items from several manufacturers. I had a quite long deposit of such items, mixed from many different purchases, so it’s hard to remember who exactly made what.

All the Ottoman Empire XVI-XVII Army:

28mm – Tercios Miniatures by El Kraken Released – Ottoman Sipahi.

Ottoman Empire XVI-XVII

My last entry in a few.. more things from Tercios Miniatures.
Honestly i don’t know what to think about this guys.. there are good and bad things.. the worst to me, some design problems on the riders.. horses are quite fine, and problems to fit the 2 valves of the dromedary..
As not an specially good metals painter, they have too much metal to my taste. there isn’t a single piece of fabric on the riders, all is metal and few leather strips here and there..
I like the lancers poses aiming to the opposite side.. but musketeers poses are some odd to me.. as well as the musket itself.. first time i saw them..
The worst to me, on the riders, are the disc plates in the chest and back.. many of them are distorted, not a circle at all.. some are curved.. some have the center as pin-out. some as pin-in.. , some are bigger, some smaller.. problems of the 3D design.. not corrected after see prototypes.. but that discs are one of the few elements you have to play to some decoration on that riders..
The two drummers are really nice figures, specially the one on the dromedary.. he’s so perfectly proportioned.. and the other drummer’s horse is really beautiful.
Well.. that’s all. Thanks for looking.

28mm – Tercios Miniatures by EL Kraken Released – MIscellaneous things.

Ottoman Empire XVI-XVII

It’s the first time i face this brand, who has some interesting (and growing) renaissance ranges. This batch includes a big siege gun, Suleiman the Magnificent and Roxolana (Suleiman design is clearly inspired in a famous picture, just search Suleiman on Google images and you will see), and cart with gods for the siege gun. 
– About the Gun, a crew of 3 isn’t enough for such big thing (no one is ready to fire the gun).. it’s cast in resin, but due a probably early mold release, it’s curved  🙁 .. a big fail for a big piece. On the other side the muscle man is a very nice figure. 
– Suleiman and Roxolana looks good, maybe Suleiman feet are some odd. but proportions and details on the figures are very nice, not very crispy, so be careful while priming. 
– The cart is also cast in resin, some bubbles, nothing major, but some curved too because early mold release. About the oxen pair.. well.. all the animals are mold in 2 valves.. and these oxen, doesn’t fit specially fine, i need quite a lot filler for them, but sculpture and proportions are very nice again, perfect i would say. The guy driven the oxen is my favorite figure in this batch. Again perfect proportions. 

This brand do 3D Desing & 3D Print for master, this allow them to do such really nice and perfect proportions, and avoid a too crispy detail, making things some harder for bad painters as me. I don’t like the 2 valves for animals, even if they fit, it’s more work preparing things before paint. They have very nice things in their ranges, interesting concepts and some odd things too..

So mixed feelings about this brand in my first match with them but i really like several things and always will keep and eye over this brand’s work. I already have some more things by them for the next batch.
(pd, The 2 bigger barrels aren’t from El Kraken)