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1/72 Italeri 7058 Panzerjäger I with Pak 4.7

Panzerjäger 1 Ausf. B

  • Formal designation: 4.7 cm Pak(t) (Sf) auf Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf.B, Panzerjäger I Ausf.B
  • Type: Light Tank Destroyer
  • Manufacturers: Daimler-Benz AG, Skodovy zavody akciova spolecnost (Skoda), Altmarkische Kettenwerk GmbH (Alkett)
  • Production: 202 (03/1940 – 02/1941)
  • Crew: 4

I added some Welding Lines and some simple Rivets but i don´t want to place all the missing Lines etc. Just the few on the static Turret.
The inside of this Model is modified too, but this will be visible when the Model is finished. I had to cut out some parts to give more space for the 3 Crewmen.

The Crewmen are from SHQ and the additional Stowage is made of Resin.

One of my favourite German Tank hunters in 1/72 scale. The Italeri kit is an re-issue of the old Esci Kit. Added 3 Figures from the SHQ Range (“Bison Crew” (M1943) and some Stowage. Paints and Pigments are from Vallejo.

First i primed the whole Model with Vallejo Model Color (70995) “German Dark Grey”, after that, i applied an wash with an 50/50 Mix of Citadels “Devlan Mud” and “Badab Black”. After the wash was dried i dry brushed the whole Model. Again i used ” German Dark Grey” for the first drybrush and Vallejo Model Color (70836) “London Grey” for the Raised Areas, Edges and Highlights.

The Tracks only were primed with Grey and after that i gave them a coat of several Vallejo Pigments.

You can buy this nice model here.

1/72 ESCI 243 NATO Pilots and Ground Crew

Just two figures from this set, they are company for one gift i’m close to end, an Apache helicopter for a friend, although it’s not going well… things which fly are not for me, many problems with cockpit.
I know they are not very accurate as pilots for an Apache, but, i haven’t any other set of “modern” pilots.

2 hand painted figures from Set 1/72 ESCI 243 NATO Pilots and Ground Crew

Who know which could do mate Paul with them…

By the way, set is well detailed with a lot of interesting poses (20 different poses), all the set is reviewed here.

Esci 8003 Pz Kpfw II Ausf F

Esci 8003 Pz Kpfw II Ausf F

Ausf F was the major version of Pz. II, it had an increased armour and some interior and turret redesign. 524 Units were manufactured between March 1941 to December 1942. Take a look to detail and overall aspect against Altaya’s model.


This model comes to me built, so i just restored and end the work. I was trying some pigments on engine area (black pigments) and scape. Dust pigments go away in varnish phase. 🙁

AMT – ERTL 8639 Sherman M4A1

AMT – ERTL 8639 Sherman M4A1

An old model brought at Ebay for a low price, new in a destructed box, but new.
The M4A1 is the first version of Sherman, manufactured by General Motors during the War. Sherman was the most developed tank during war, used by Russian, French, English, by “Lend- lease” programs.
Latest versions were active during Korea conflict.

It had 5 crew men, and was armed with a 75mm gun M3, one M2HB 12,7mm machine gun and two 7,62mm.

ERTL model has a lot of options, the set comes equipped with motor and transmission system, and upper hatch can be mounted opened, also two on turret and two upper driver and radio operator, which is not usual in many sets. The set comes with 2 crew men, i just used one and one caear figure as rider (resting). Crates are from Airfix/Heller Willys jeep. Instructions are clear, and was easy to built, even after so many years, plastic was in a good state and all parts fits well their place.

Although I’m gladded with model’s aspect, pictures don’t represent it as well as they look in real ! (I think!)

Finish is based in green primer by “The Army Painter” and olive drab spray paint by Tamiya.

The same used for M3A1.

Esci / Italeri / ERTL / Revell / WW II German Guns

Esci / Italeri / ERTL / Revell / WW II German Guns – Pak 35 – Pak 40 – Flak 38.

Another old set i wished on childhood, but never got it. Today, thanks to Ebay, it is on my hands !
In those times there are a lot of better choices for this subject, mostly for Pak 40 and Pak 36, but in his time, this set well covered the subject wasn’t so common. Italeri reissued it and also have their own pack 40 set, which haves better crew and some details as munitions.

The worst of this set, their instructions, and some of the crew, who are badly sculpted with bad proportions. Put the arms in the correct place is also a no easy task. About the instructions they only have one step, so is easy make a mistake although the models haven’t many parts.
All the crouched down figures are not good, heads have been replaced, but the arms were a head pain. By the other hand, the two figures who are on their feet are pretty nice.

Another lack on this set is the absence of any kind of munition, neither for the MG43 that i didn’t paint, and the only choice for the Flak 38, in transport mode.

Plasticsoldierreview.com says instructions were cleared in the Italeri reissue.

I’m sure today there are better sets for this subject, but if you are a nostalgic as i am, you still can find this set on Ebay.