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Science Treasury U.S. JEEP WILLYS M.B. – CARGO 37mm GUN

Science Treasury U.S. JEEP WILLYS M.B. – CARGO – 37mm GUN

Painted U.S Command + 37mm AT World War II

I finally ends this work after a couple of weeks thinking about what to do to improve them…
I enjoyed a lot with this kind of bases, each item is like a mini-dio, so i’m planning built all the armies so.

Bases are from the store: Warbases.co.uk
They cut rounded bases in any size you need, with good prices.

One of the worst the decision to use the hard plastic figures from the set itself… they look not so bad alone, but close to Caesar and Italeri figures… they look bad…
Although set is a clone from Hasegawas’s one, quality of the instructions is poor, very poor. Quality of the set is that mixture of simply and medium detail, usual on Hasegawas’s set.

On bases there are a mixture of tufts which i will comment soon in a separate post, and also a mixture of natural stones, some of them painted (in the jeep base).
and also hard plastic items form Hasegawa’s US infantry set (in the gun base).

Different stages of the project are at Benno’s Figures Forum.

Although i’m gladded with result i was expecting some more when i begun it… but at this moment it seems i can’t do best…

Hasegawa Sherman M4A3E8

Hasegawa Sherman M4A3E8

M4A3E8 was one of the latest Sherman involved in WWII, and the first with a 76mm gun and a new tracks and suspension system. This tank equilibrates (some) the usual disadvantage of US tank against german’s ones. Although it was still less armoured than German’s tanks it reduces the number of lost vehicles compared with previous versions of M4A3 .
Present from middle 1944, it was on US.Army until 1950 decade, when all Sherman were replaced by M46 Patton. M4A3E8 had a significance participation during Korean conflict.

Hasegawa’s model is easy to built , although it haven’t great detail is more than enough for wargaming. All parts fit well and there isn’t any issue with instructions.
It is painted at my standard for US.Army. Using Tamiya spay paint and the washed and pigmented. Crew is from model itself.
For the stowage on back, i tried some new for me, making some items with news paper, glue and thread. It looks fine for me…

A good reinforcement for battle, easy and quick to built.

English Wikipedia haves a not bad reference for Sherman series.


Hasegawa 31112 Kubelwagen

Hasegawa Kubelwagen from Hasegawa’s set 31112 with BMW with side-car.

Driver is a hard plastic figure original from set, the gunner is a classic esci gunner from German infantry set.
The officer with binoculars is a figure from Airfix recon set. The original figure from hasegawa, an officer aking notes or watching a map, is very bad moulded and harms don’t fit well.

Model is better detailed than Italeri Kubelwagen fast kit, and the option of the machine gun is welcome, and bit of support for wargaming. Both sets are perfectly compatibles in size.

Hasegawa Sd.Kfz.7

Hasegawa Sd.Kfz.7

Technical details
Crew 11.
55Km/h on road, 29Km/h off road.

The final release of this model begun on 1938, until ends of 1944 5000 units were produced, delivered to Panzergranadier division or attached to artillery regiments. A lot of variants were produced for specialized tasks. (see Altaya Sd.Kfz. 7/1 Flakvierling as example), even one with remote control for V2 bombs launcher.
The Sd.Kfz.7 were present on all fronts, from Africa to East.


Hasegawa’s model is easy to construct and basic detailed, with a good average of detail. Although it arrived to me without crew i have attached it some crew from other models. The convertible top isn’t glued because i haven’t taken a decision about vehicle task. The worst of the model, the trakcs, as you can see on pictures they are thicker than real ones, with a no realistic effect over the wheels. Is painted with Vallejo’s German Fieldgrey and Citadel Khaki Kommand for the top and seats.

Hasegawa Mörser Karl CREW

Hasegawa Mortar Karl CREW

These hard plastic figures are from Hasegawa Mortar Karl sets, i got two sets for a while, but i re-sold them on Ebay (i have one “Karl” from “Hobby Boss” waiting on the wardrobe) but i remain the figures, as they have some good poses, not usual on plastic figures sets.
I have changed 10 heads, from an old italeri set, and some from a resin detail kit, and the result is quite good, except two strange poses, really bad modelled.
Although they are painted mainly with two Vallejo colours (German Field Grey / German Uniform ), different patterns of use, varying trousers, jackets, or all the figure in same colour, achieves a great result, with almost not two equals figures. The light of the colour also varying a lot depend on you wash with black or sepia.
These figures are a great complement for German army, ideal to be sergeants or officials, many of them wearing binoculars, or just to stand with vehicles.