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28mm – The Assault Group – SIpahi with Swords

This is the first group of Sipahi by The Assault Group i’ve painted, another two, one of them “of The Porte”, are still waiting to be finished.

Figures are pretty good as all the range by the brand. I like the big shields, although maybe i didn’t get best of them with the easy chess-board and stripes designs.

All the figures wear almost same clothes, there is a mix of helmets, shields and some of them also carry bows.

They ride same horses you can get with the Akinjis, and some of the helmets and figure appearance, ressemble a lot to those Akinjis. That would be my only criticism to these figures, i would have expected bit more differences making them look higher rank than Akinjis.

I tried a more color full paint this time, and all the tunics got some decoration, to difference them.

All the Ottoman Empire XVI-XVII Army:

28mm – Tercios Miniatures by El Kraken Released – Ottoman Sipahi.

Ottoman Empire XVI-XVII

My last entry in a few.. more things from Tercios Miniatures.
Honestly i don’t know what to think about this guys.. there are good and bad things.. the worst to me, some design problems on the riders.. horses are quite fine, and problems to fit the 2 valves of the dromedary..
As not an specially good metals painter, they have too much metal to my taste. there isn’t a single piece of fabric on the riders, all is metal and few leather strips here and there..
I like the lancers poses aiming to the opposite side.. but musketeers poses are some odd to me.. as well as the musket itself.. first time i saw them..
The worst to me, on the riders, are the disc plates in the chest and back.. many of them are distorted, not a circle at all.. some are curved.. some have the center as pin-out. some as pin-in.. , some are bigger, some smaller.. problems of the 3D design.. not corrected after see prototypes.. but that discs are one of the few elements you have to play to some decoration on that riders..
The two drummers are really nice figures, specially the one on the dromedary.. he’s so perfectly proportioned.. and the other drummer’s horse is really beautiful.
Well.. that’s all. Thanks for looking.