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nº13 – Altaya – IXO – DeAgostini: Panhard EBR-75 FL 11

Panhard EBR-75 FL 11 – 1er REC Légion Étrangère Algeria 1957.

Technical Details
4 crew
One 75mm SA-50 gun.
105 Km/h on road, 65 Km/h off road.
3 7,5mm MG.

The Panhard was the first French reconnaissance vehicle post world war II, with a characteristic 8 rad train and a 75mm gun in a FL-11 turret.
Two central wheels were totally metallic, and commonly were elevated, used only in sandy or mud terrains.
Initial version were equipped with a FL-10 turret and a SA-49 75mm gun, but upon 1954 it was upgraded to the FL-11 turret, the same used by the AMX-13 light tank.
Lately, in 1963, a new gun was installed in the FL-11 turret, a F2 90mm gun.
As the German world war two reconnaissance vehicles they was equipped with two drivers positions, so it was capable to change direction at any moment.

Around 1200 units were manufactured, sawing service in Alger or Angola, used by Portuguese troops, which acquired 50 units.

Some different versions were manufactured for personal transport or even an AA prototype, armed with 2 30mm guns.

The Panhard series were replaced upon 1977, by the new AMX-10 RC vehicle.

Overall aspect of the model is quite correct, a best looking one in the collection, although as always with the simplified and basic detail provided by Altaya.


Latest announces and releases.

A large bunch of new Caesar’s releases, pictures are available at Caesar’s site. http://www.miniknight.com/

H057 – Modern Israeli Defence Force
H060 – Modern British Army
H062 – Modern German Army (Bundeswehr)
H074 – WWII Late War German Army
H075 – WWII Italian Paratroopers
HB04 – WWII German Army with Camouflage Cape
7207 WWII German Krupp Protze Personnel Carrier Truck
7208 WWII German Sd. Kfz.10/4 with 20mm Flak 30
7209 WWII German Sd. Kfz.10 with 50mm Pak 38

Zvezda have released a new piece for the Art of Tactic game system.

6137 Soviet Reconnaissance set , which haves 4 excellent figures in this first time covered subject for our scale.

A very good news for WW2 and Modern fans, although they will took a couple of weeks or so to be available around the world. !

nº08 – DeAgostini – Altaya – IXO AMX 30 Roland

DeAgostini – Altaya – IXO AMX 30 Roland 57e Régiment de Artillerie Antiaérien – Marne (France)

Technical details
Crew: 3.
Double Roland missile system.
Range 550 Km.

Another specialized vehicle based on the chassis of the AMX-30 French tank, by the moment, the second in the collection, after the AMX AU F-1. In this case is an anti-air defence vehicle, equipped with the Roland missile system. It have capability to transport 8 missile, capable to beat target at a range of 6300 meters, flying with an altitude between 20 and 5.500 meters (low cote planes). Missile can reach Match 1,6 and it can beat targets flying at 1,3 Match.
Around 183 units were manufactured since 1977, some of them has seen service in countries such Spain, Niger or Qatar.

Altaya’s model depict a French service vehicle, with the typical NATO 3 colours camouflage scheme. Once again, it is not the best than we have seen from Altaya. Specially the missile’s tubes and radar, moulded in plastic, and the too thick arrays, which not contribute to the overall good looking of the vehicle.

nº05 – Altaya IXO M41A3 Walker Bulldog

Altaya IXO M41A3 Walker Bulldog 4th Cavalry 25th Infantry Division – Thailand 1962.

Technical Details
4 crew.
1 M32 76mm.
1 M2 12,70 mm + 1 7,6 mm.

The M41 series was developed during 50’s , being the light U.S. Army tank during next two decades, replacing the M24 Chaffee. It takes his name from the General Walton Walker, who died during Korea’s conflict.
The tank had a little envelop during Korea’s conflict, where it arrives without previous testing, so it was tested during the conflict.
It was exported to several countries, some of them maintain it in service until our days, and the most important was probably the Vietnam Republican, where it saw action during the famous conflict.

Altaya’s model depict the A3 version, which was modified to injection fuel engines.
This time, model is quite bad, all the details over the turret and chassis looks pretty ugly, the gun is in a very low position and fixed, and the aerial are too thick. The worst model of the collection until now.

nº04 – Altaya IXO B1 Centauro

Altaya IXO B1 Centauro Reggimento “Niza Cavalleria (1º)” Egypt 2002

Technical details:
4 crew
10to Melara (105/52mm)
2 MG3 , 7,62mm
Range 800 Km.

Centauro is a powerful antitank vehicle with high tactical reconnaissance capabilities due his mobility. It was designed from 1991 and end delivering to Italian army due 2006.
His fire power is similar to a Leopard I tank and it’s aimed with common modern features to fire, aim target , NBC warfare protection and more. It has proved his value in conflicts such Iraq and also have been delivered to other countries like Spain.

Altaya’s model have an acceptable quality, although this first entries for the collection remember me the first ones from the Panzer Collection, less quality than the latest ones. The worst the painted details on the hull.

1/72 ESCI 243 NATO Pilots and Ground Crew

Just two figures from this set, they are company for one gift i’m close to end, an Apache helicopter for a friend, although it’s not going well… things which fly are not for me, many problems with cockpit.
I know they are not very accurate as pilots for an Apache, but, i haven’t any other set of “modern” pilots.

2 hand painted figures from Set 1/72 ESCI 243 NATO Pilots and Ground Crew

Who know which could do mate Paul with them…

By the way, set is well detailed with a lot of interesting poses (20 different poses), all the set is reviewed here.