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28mm – The Assault Group – Mounted Cossacks

Mounted Cossacks

Ottoman Empire XVI-XVII

It’s the second time i paint these nice dudes by The Assault Group. I tried to keep color palette in sync with the recent cossacks on foot i published few months ago.
There are a mix of lances and fire arms, lances are three different poses (x2) while the rest of the figures as you can see has a different pose. An awesome range.
Sculpt is nice and well detailed, as cast is, i really like this cossack range. Flag is printed and done by my own, probably not very accurate, don’t take it into account.











28mm Warlord Games – Suleiman & Mounted Janissary Officers

Suleiman & Mounted Janissary Officers

And finishing for a while, the high Ottoman Command by Warlord Games. They have two different packs, one for the 2 mounted Janissary officers, and the other with the 2 versions of Suleiman, mounted and foot.
As other figures in the range by Warlord, they are flat, is not a great range at all.
I used again quite a lot decals, specially on foot Suleiman, which almost is all decaled.
As i used one Warlord horse with the TAG figure here, one of the Janissary is mounting a TAG horse.

Looks how terrible flat Suleiman figure is..

28mm The Assault Group – Vlad The Impaler

Vlad The Impaler

Ok another one.. my client sent me these nice figures as part of the bit Ottoman order.. they aren’t Ottoman, but some how related.. if you read a bit of history about Vlad the Impaler (Vlad Drakul, Bride and Boyar – REN360). I added here another of the gift figures TAG has for the Renaissance range. Is the second time i paint that priest, the other one he was all black, so i decided to paint clear sleeves. The another figure in question, (not the girl, which obviously is Vlad’s wife) is an Hungarian Boyar. A nice figure, i was in the temptation to use decals, but i gone with the brush. The term “Boyar” was commonly used in Bulgarian, Kievan, Moscovian, Serbian.. and so. It refer to highest Feudal rank.
Wife’s dress decoration is also by hand, nothing special.

I could not avoid putting them together like in a wedding 🙂

These figures, except priest, are quite big for the TAG standard in Renaissance range.

I declare you husband and wife until a impalement separates you

28mm The Assault Group – Cossack Comand

Cossack Comand
Some more things finished recently, a nice command pack for Cossack (Cossack General (with Sled-gun) – REN079). I already painted this pack when working on the Polish army. There are more Cossack to follow them, but not soon.
I specially love the foot figure, so i tried to be some more careful with him.
The flag is from my own designs, self printed. You can found the full plates in this old post.

28mm The Assault Group – Ottoman High Officers

Ottoman High Officers

As part of the large Ottoman range by The Assault Group there is a nice pack with 3 figures (Ottoman General and staff REN068), 2 mounted and one foot, depicting a high Ottoman officer, who knows if Suleiman himself, and his retinue, comprising a standard bearer and a sort of Janissary officer. The foot figure depicting the same officer (They are wearing same clothes) is a gift figure (Is the second time i paint this nice figure, search on my Polish Renaissance series).
I used here lot of my own printed decals with different patterns, specially on the mounted officer, who also is riding a Warlord horse, just by the convenience of have more saddle to decorate with the decals.
Apply the decals isn’t a fun thing, it consumes almost the same time than paint the figure, and some times, you need to re-do several times the operation. Is not easy cut the patterns for these irregular shapes without any other guide than your eyes, for not to say about to place them, but at the end, result is far from i can achieve by brush, so i think it worth it for these special figures. Pictures aren’t very good today, so one of the patterns applied in the mounted figure isn’t almost noticeable.
Don’t forget to click over pictures to see them in a bit bigger size.

Detail on the patterns i printed in decal paper used in these figures.
Detail of the 3 patterns used in the mounted officer. By far this was the hardest figure.
A bit of humor…
The only picture i took with the flag, not a full view, sorry. It’s a self printed flag.

28mm Warlord Games – Demi-culverin cannon

28mm Warlord Games – Demi-culverin cannon

If it was not enough artillery, a Demi-culverin always can save your day. It’s strange but this gun wasn’t in the arsenal.
Again i’m not very happy on how this ended.. i have been using a new brown paint, and i’m not sure if it works very well for this. I should have choose red or a very clear brown for this, as Warlord painted it to show. The one i most like, its the officer.. i usually don’t paint strips, but i think it looks very well. I promise to try more times.
The barrel itself, also don’t looks very good.. since i moved to the new house. i have lost several paints.. because my study is in a too hot room in summer. I planning to move the study this year, or re-condition the room.

A part of this, the gun is a nice piece, and the crew too. The big barrel on the base, came from a friend, with a nice range or resin things, Zona 72.