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28mm Warlord Games – Croat Light Cavalry

Croat Light Cavalry

I wanted to paint these guys long ago, but this project turned out bad since the begging, problems coating the horses, problems with the too slim horses’ legs (i even broke one, replaced by a TAG horse from the spare box). I don’t know, some miniatures turn out bad since the start, so i’m not very proud of the finish thing. Also i don’t think they are best Warlord Figures, faces aren’t good at all, and the horses are too delicate as i said. I hope to have a change in the future to back to this topic but using the TAG guys.

28mm Warlord Games – Suleiman & Mounted Janissary Officers

Suleiman & Mounted Janissary Officers

And finishing for a while, the high Ottoman Command by Warlord Games. They have two different packs, one for the 2 mounted Janissary officers, and the other with the 2 versions of Suleiman, mounted and foot.
As other figures in the range by Warlord, they are flat, is not a great range at all.
I used again quite a lot decals, specially on foot Suleiman, which almost is all decaled.
As i used one Warlord horse with the TAG figure here, one of the Janissary is mounting a TAG horse.

Looks how terrible flat Suleiman figure is..

28mm Warlord Games – Ottoman Janissary Kazan

Ottoman Janissary Kazan

The man with the spoon is far large than all the other in the Warlord range. It’s a pity they decided to depict so good extra figures for the army without do a good job on them. An over sized figure, and the other two looking so flat as all the Janissary range, seems they reused one time and another legs and torsos.
Last update in a few. Stay tuned, we are only in the middle of the Ottoman army.

28mm The Assault Group – Warlord Games – Janissaries with Musket (3).

28mm The Assault Group – Warlord Games – Janissaries with Musket (3).

Third Janissary Musket unit.
Flag is from Wargames Designs, re-printed to match the style of my own flags which i will use in the future.
Figures are by The Assault Group and Warlord Games. They have both different styles but once in group the match quite well. Warlord musket janissaries looks almost all the same pose, although they have some variations all of them are firing and in quite similar pose. Looks some flat in a front view. Any mold problem on them. The Assault Group guys have a lot more of pose variation, costume variation, not looking flat at all, but present a few mold problems or metal excess.
There a couple of extra halberds figures from an extra pack by TAG i got.

28mm The Assault Group – Warlord Games – Janissaries with Musket (2).

28mm The Assault Group – Warlord Games – Janissaries with Musket (2).

Second Janissary Musket unit.
Flag is from Wargames Designs, re-printed to match the style of my own flags which i will use in the future.
Figures are by The Assault Group and Warlord Games. They have both different styles but once in group the match quite well. Warlord musket janissaries looks almost all the same pose, although they have some variations all of them are firing and in quite similar pose. Looks some flat in a front view. Any mold problem on them. The Assault Group guys have a lot more of pose variation, costume variation, not looking flat at all, but present a few mold problems or metal excess.

28mm The Assault Group – Warlord Games – Janissaries with Musket (1).

28mm The Assault Group – Warlord Games – Janissaries with Musket (1).

First Janissary Musket unit
Flag is from Wargames Designs, re-printed to match the style of my own flags which i will use in the future.
Figures are by The Assault Group and Warlord Games. They have both different styles but once in group the match quite well. Warlord musket janissaries looks almost all the same pose, although they have some variations all of them are firing and in quite similar pose. Looks some flat in a front view. Any mold problem on them. The Assault Group guys have a lot more of pose variation, costume variation, not looking flat at all, but present a few mold problems or metal excess.
One extra halberd janissary has been converted to standard bearer.

28mm Warlord Games – Janissaries with Halberd.

28mm Warlord Games – Janissaries with Halberd.

Last in this initial batch for the Ottoman army, are these Janissaries armed with halberds.
One more time we have all the figures sided the same, in quite similar poses, some of them a bit odd.
After have painted (except muskets, next in the pipeline) almost all the Warlord Janissaries range… i think they lost an opportunity to do something really good, making something just acceptable. The mix in the boxed set, prevent them of do enough poses for nothing, all the musket guys are firing, they all looks exactly the same, and overall, it happen to bows, archers and halberds.
Janissaries are one of the most beautiful topics to paint in Late Medieval or Renaissance era, and Warlord was unable to do a great job on them, as if they had hurry to launch them. When you have all the figures in hand, a lot of them seems to share legs. Ans almost all the army is looking to the same side.. and flat. A pity.
This is my 3rd Janissaries regiment, i opted this time by a light blue colour, the only MSP (Master Series Paints by Reaper) bottle i have. I love this paint, i should buy more. They have a matt finish that Vallejo haven’t. And it’s still in good shape after 3 years opening and closing the bottle.
I did some special decoration for officers, similar to the one done on Janissaries with Sword, but choosing a different pattern.

Guy on the right, showing a self print decal in the “skirt”.
Free-hand decoration on coats, by repeating a “three dots” pattern.

NCO also got a few of the “three dots” pattern.

28mm Warlord Games – Janissaries with Bow.

28mm Warlord Games – Janissaries with Bow.

Janissaries with Bow, Ottoman Turkish’s elites troop.
Bows, compared with Muskets, were a cheap and still quite efficient weapon in the time, so it was extensively used in the Ottoman army.
Warlord offer two different blisters for these guys, firing and advancing. As happened on the sword armed ones, figures are all sided the same way and looks some flat, overall group appearance looks like not much variation in the pose because this, and some odd poses, happen here too.

28mm Walord Games – Azabs (Azap).

28mm Walord Games – Azabs (Azap).

Azabs (Azaps) were an irregular volunteer infantry of the Ottoman empire, they were only paid during war times, so they mainly only existed during wars. As volunteers they were free to left the army at any time. they hadn’t any kind of train or uniformity, and commonly they were armed with swords and bows as Warlord has depicted, although in the time, wasn’t uncommon to see them armed with their own fire arms.
Warlord offers only one blister for this subject, with 4 different poses, and no specific command. So i used here Janissaries’ command figures (i swapped heads of NCOs by Gripping beast plastic arabs heads).
Irregular troops are the pain of the painter… you have to use many variations to depict this lack of uniformity. I chosen several main colours in groups of 2 or 3 figures per colour and then i painted 3 stripped single figures to give the group more diversity. Again a bit of special work have been done in the officer.
Opposite to Janissaries figures, these ones aren’t flat at all, they even seems to be wearing a sort of great coat, as in winter times.

28mm Warlord Games – Janissaries with Sword.

28mm Warlord Games – Janissaries with Sword.

Janissaries were a military elite during a few centuries in the Ottoman-Turkish empire who evolved from military to socio-cultural ambit of the Ottoman empire.
It’s a very interesting topic to research, they did an extensive use of the fire-arms, but as any other army of the era, other weapons were part of their corps. To start to learn more i suggest to take a look at wikipedia. They are usually considered as the first modern army.

Warlord have several options for these guys, but in consideration here, we have Janissaries armed with sword and shield, plus some command figures.
All the poses are mainly looking forward and sided… so once ranked the unit looks a bit ugly, they trends to look a bit flat. One of the poses, advancing, is terrible odd. A part of that, sculpture is good, mould are news, and you don’t have too much work cleaning metal from figures. No metal excess, no many mould lines.
Red and blue are two common colours associated to Ottoman-turkish armies, although as uniformity it belongs to more modern times than the ones depicted by these guys, they are the main colours i choose for this unit.
A constant in this army, i tried to do something special for the Officers.

Free-hand decoration pattern on officer’s capes.
On the left figure i used a self printed decal for the pattern in the “skirt”.

28mm Warlord Games – Wallachian Voynik Infantry.

28mm Warlord Games – Wallachian Voynik Infantry.

Wallachian Voynik, Ottoman Turkish’s auxiliary troops. Wallachian is a region in the nowadays Romania, and in the time was under the Ottoman Empire control.
During the second siege of Vienna, 1683, Wallachian Corps was given task to bridging Danube.
Warlord have 2 different sets for this topic, one of troop and another for command. Appearance of these guys is clearly based in one Osprey illustration depicting these men. all the troops are armed with halberds, two variants, and come in 4 different poses, although the one opening the shield is a bit odd, seems to be asking for an arrow or shoot.
Command contains 4 figures in 4 poses, 3 officers and one drummer.

Attending to the Osprey’s illustration as well as the Warlord’s show case paint work, there was not much range choose. I used Vallejo Prussian blue as main colour. Vallejo has two references for this colour, i used the darker one as base, and then the lighter, and lighter + white, to highlight the colour. I avoided the use of blue wash in this case, so they look cleaner at the end.
For shields decoration i used “Veni Vidi Vici” transfers. They didn’t look too well, as white one are quite transparent. So i repainted a bit over transfers, not achieving a great look at the end, but in any case, better than a free-hand paint by me.

This is the only regiment of this kind in the big Ottoman army i started with this. A commission work.

28mm Warlord Games – Demi-culverin cannon

28mm Warlord Games – Demi-culverin cannon

If it was not enough artillery, a Demi-culverin always can save your day. It’s strange but this gun wasn’t in the arsenal.
Again i’m not very happy on how this ended.. i have been using a new brown paint, and i’m not sure if it works very well for this. I should have choose red or a very clear brown for this, as Warlord painted it to show. The one i most like, its the officer.. i usually don’t paint strips, but i think it looks very well. I promise to try more times.
The barrel itself, also don’t looks very good.. since i moved to the new house. i have lost several paints.. because my study is in a too hot room in summer. I planning to move the study this year, or re-condition the room.

A part of this, the gun is a nice piece, and the crew too. The big barrel on the base, came from a friend, with a nice range or resin things, Zona 72.

28mm – Warlord Games – Assault Petard

28mm – Warlord Games – Assault Petard

Well, i’m not very happy with this bunch of figures.. by one side.. it’s hard to don’t think in ECW looking at them.. so they should wear another colours.. but one of the premises was they weren’t for ECW.. so.
By the other side, i hate that kind of helmets, from the point of view of the paint.. they show the face, but it’s impossible to me decently paint them… Also i don’t specially like some of the poses.. and i did the error to put together the carriers before paint.. so was more difficult to paint them.

For sure this will not remembered as one of my best works, hope they will do they job in the battle and something will blow out.

28mm – Reaper Bones & Warlord Games – KoW Kingdoms of Men – General on Winged Beast

To end for today, a work i ended a couple of months ago, but never found time to take pictures. It’s a Reaper bones dragon, over a LOTR ruins reworked, raided by a Warlord Games cavalry man from their ECW range. Most of the work here was done by airbrush, except final lights and shadows and the rider figure.
He’s part of KoW army, kingdoms of men, in fact, he is the general of the army. Hope he will perform well in the battle.
I enjoyed a lot doing this, first of all, because it’s for me and not commissioned, second because it’s another try to improve my airbrush usage, and last one because i like it, and like how dangerous can be on a KoW battle.
The Reaper dragon it’s a nice piece, cheap, very cheap for his size.









28mm – Warlord Games – Imperial Tercio

Not much to say about the warlord figures, is not the first time i paint them, but this is the large number i have painted at once. Included with the well know plastic figures there is a blister of metal armoured pike men.
I tried to paint them in dark colours, without any concession to fashion and light colours, trying to depict a “poor” Sapanish tercio for the late Thirty Years War period.

Paper flags are from Wallenstein’s Imperial Army range by Battle Flag, this time are from Flags of War, who haves a nice range for this and other periods, and a very good quality.



















The September Issue II (Landsknecht).

Also this month, i was able to end some fillers for my upcoming 2 arquebus horde, so this time this is part of my own Kings of War army.
There is a good mix of brands here, including Pro-Gloria (now Warlord) , Warlord Games, Reaper and Lead Adventure.

They are 3 fillers, who take the space of 14 figures, with only 5, so i save 9 miniatures to paint (which is not a bad number talking about landsknechts). It’s the first time i try to paint landsknechts, i’m looking for a 4-5 standard combinations for the whole horde, i guess i already have found 2 i like, so only a couple more needed.

Well, the fillers are as follow:

Pro Gloria (Warlord) – Handbuchse Light Gun. 11952952_10207340402925421_5421145879703132573_o
It’s taking the space of 6 figures, so is not a bad deal, and i love this team, so i wont to paint it. I got the master gunner and though was a nice addition here, as the Pro Gloria guys are not aiming the gun at all.. seems a blind shoot. Some hard to put all together, not much space, as all need to be close to the gun, and the master gunner over it. I needed to add a stone in the back and a wooden box (Lead Adventure) to properly hold all the figures, but i think result is not bad.

Warlord Games – The Marksman.
This is a beautiful figure i also liked to paint (The master gunner came in the same blister), but it have been some hard to emulate a landsknecht costume in this figure (around 100 years later), and the figure is not easy to paint. A lot of detail in the chest have very bad access for the brush. This filler save me 3 figures, as it’s on a 40x40mm base. Close to him is a Lead Adventure treasure chest (lovely piece).

Reaper – Anwyn, Female Bard.
This is a lovely figure by Reaper, metal range, although she is also available in Bones range. Again the “landsknecht” costume don’t fits 100% the figure, although this time i think it looks right. I purchased this figure thinking in the previous edition of KoW, when you needed musicians and banners as options of your units. Now they are merely decorative.
The big barrel and the sac (big) are from Lead Adventure, while the small barrels and the small sac are from Warlord Games (P&S Mule team).

The whole horde will look something like this:

A few pictures of all together, included a single Pro Gloria captain i already painted.







28mm – Renaissance Artillery.

28mm – Renaissance Artillery. The Assault Group – Warlord – Bicorne – Lead Adventure

A nice mix of brands to make a whole artillery battery for the Polish Renaissance Army. It includes from “super” heavy pieces to the very small Cossack sled guns, and a mix of artillery crews in eastern/Cossack style and German/Western style.
From big to small they are as follows.

Super Heavy Artillery. Lead Adventure BRU-42 Cannon “God’s Hammer”

Lead Adventure produces some awesome miniatures, based on Fantasy subjects, but within his Bruegelburg range, a sort of dystopia Renaissance, you can find several useful items. Specially caught my eyes the beautiful and big cannons, and i choose the God’s Hammer ones to reinforce this artillery battery. It can look some fantasy at first sight, but as other times, truth is stranger than fiction, and after take a look at Tsar Cannon i found this Lead Adventure gun more than possible to happen in truth.

Tsar Gun
Tsar Gun



To give the whole scene more contrast i painted crew in red tones.
To give the whole scene more contrast i painted crew in red tones.



Cast quality is top level, as the sculpture is. I painted it using a sort of NMM technique in a base of metallic colours, using mainly vallejo model color paints.
The artillery crew is by The Assault Group, Russian labourers/gun crew REN208 painted in a mix of old Citadel & Vallejo paints.
Washes here, as in the whole lot, are mainly from the Army Painter, including coloured ones.
Tufts are this time a novelty for me, as for first time i’m using Tajima1 tufts, who haves a good and recommendable range.

Size Comparison with the largest guns by TAG & Warlord.

Heavy Artillery. TAG – Warlord – Bicorne (Only Crew)

Next we have 4 ordinance pieces, 3 by The Assault Group and one by Warlord Games. The Crews are a mixing of TAG, Warlord and Bicorne, plus two Warlod Plastic conversions, to fill gaps in the crew numbers. The group is intended to have 4 crew men per gun, Bicorne pack has five figures and the Warlord conversion fill the gap of Fuse men not included in the TAG pack (TAG has another pack which include Fuse men). Fuses itself are a separate accessory pack also by TAG.
As the intention for the whole Polish Army is to cover from early 17th to late 17th century different period weapons are depicted here.






Warlord guys, second figure in the left, is probably the best figure in all this batch. The right guy comes with Bicorne crew. The officer has changed his sword by a fuse to make numbers.
Bicorne guys, they are quite big for 28mm scale, but are good figures. The officer remember to me to that 1/72 used by Revell in his artillery set for the period.



The Assault Group guys, they come 4 per pack, but the pack used here haven’t fuse men.






Two Warlord Plastic guys reinforce TAG crews.

And now a size comparison picture with all the crews used in this batch.

Warlord Plastic and Bicorne are quite big for the scale, while Warlord Metal and TAG are the smaller in the batch. In the middle, a guy from the Krakow Militia by TAG
Warlord Plastic and Bicorne are quite big for the scale, while Warlord Metal and TAG are the smaller in the batch. In the middle, a guy from the Krakow Militia by TAG

All figures and guns have a good cast and sculpture. Probably, about the sculpture, Warlord metal guys are one step above, plenty full of crispy detail.

Light Artillery. The Assault Group (TAG)

To end this batch, the smallest pieces. All by TAG, also the crew used here, which is Cossack labourers/gun crew
REN207. This is just a way to depict the batch, as all the crews are intended to operate any of the guns. Only the two sled guns are purely intended for this Cossack guys.
Again, a mix of early and not so early pieces are showed here to cover all the 17th century.








A family picture.

All the guns.
All the guns.

All the guns & Crews.
All the guns & Crews.

So at the end, we have 10 guns, 2 sled guns, 3 light guns, 4 heavy guns and 1 super heavy gun. I hope it’s artillery enough to support the Polish army. The 38 crew men are intended to be used in crews of 4, except the sled guns, with two crew men assigned, and can be used in a lot of combinations, having all crews at least one fuse men, and there is one extra crew, the Russian style ones.

28mm Warlord Games – Hugo Raleigh – King’s Guard Ensign

Hugo Raleigh – King’s Guard Ensign

A small update…
Obviously seeing the flag… he is not Hugo Raleigh 🙂

I used this nice figure as complement for my converted French King’s Guard and to test the paper flag, by the same brand used in the Winged Hussars, Battle-Flag.

(Click the images to enlarge)
Galeria 3

Galeria 31

Sorry for the poor quality pictures, i don’t know why , today’s light was not good…

28mm – Polish Winged Hussars.

28mm Polish Winged Hussars.
The Assault Group & Warlord Games. Polish Renaissance Winged Hussars

Well, i have been working around these guys some days. Well… many days !!!!
Although both brands are quite compatible in terms of size, Warlord ones are sightly smaller, both are intended for different periods, and seems hard or very inaccurate put them together in a tabletop game.

From ancient to modern the guys from The Assault Group are the oldies, according to Osprey books very appropriated for around 1600. The assault group have 3 different blister for this subject (REN004,REN005,REN006), one of them is the command one, which includes a trumpeter and a drummer plus the officer. I also used a special blister (REN069), to have an special command and flag-bearer.
I replaced the original poles of The Assault Group, they are more accurate, as they are ticker, but they seems to be quite bendable, and that can be a problem to play with them. These men only have a pistol in one of the horse sides, and you haven’t any weapon option, all the conversion that you can see in the pictures are done with spare parts form the Warlord guys.

The guys in formation. You have several skin patterns, clearly showing that not all are leopards or tigers.
Overall, these figures have some less ornamentation than the Warlord ones, so they are a bit easier to paint.
The helmets allow to paint faces and eyes.
I had some problems putting lances in the right position. You must drill the hands and you must force them to achieve a right position for all.
All the wings are equal, so i used some of the spare wings from Warlord to achieve more variation, although it’s a bit historically incorrect. All these wings are attached to the saddle.
The cross in the trumpeter is made of paper. To make the two colored poles i used masking tape.

The Warlord guys are very appropriated for Vienna, 1683.

These figures are plenty full of details and poses are very good, with the exception of a horse pose, which for my personal taste, is a bit odd. Warlord have these guys available as a boxed set and also in a blister of three. The problem of the blister is that the content is random. Poles are wired ones, a real weapon, but appropriates for games, as they will not bend easily.
You have different wings patterns, that’s very good, and some of the figures accept one or two wings, and some of them can be attached to the saddle, although i put most of them in their backs.
Two of three plumes in the command helmet came broken so i replaced them by spares from other Warlord sets.

Details in horses and figures will give you a lot of entertainment.


Some of the figures allow 1 or 2 wings, although most of them clearly are intended for two wings.
You have several weapons option, although you must cut the original hand and drill a hole to correctly pose the alternative weapon, which includes the hand.


Some family pictures.




It has been my very first commissioned work. Hopefully the client will be happy. I pray every night (to the spaghetti monster) so these guys will arrive safely and a happy customer will purchase again.
By the way, i think i will never paint again Winged Hussars, at least the Warlord Games ones, or at least in not so great number.
I have seen great works with these nice figures, i made a lot mistakes as always, but i’m quite happy with final result.

In this work the paper flags have been very important, and they are provided by Battle-Flag. You must deal with borders, as with any other paper flag, but they bend specially well. I didn’t do anything special with them, just follow their instructions here. My problem with the Warlord ones are that paper is too tick, and in this case i needed more flags than the ones provided in the Warlord boxes. It’s a pity because their designs are pretty nice.

Also a mention for the guys of http://www.warbases.co.uk/, who always have some more bases than the ones you ordered.

Both sites are a pleasure to deal with, as well as The Assault Group Company, and of course, Warlord Games.

The Warlord Games ones are also available through our utility here.

28mm – Warlord Games – (Imperial) Cuirassiers.

Our second incursion in the 28mm Thirty Years War is not so successful as the first one.
The subject is a very beautiful one, the Cuirassiers or Reiters, used by any side at this time, but we have chosen to depict them as an Imperial unit.

Warlord figures are very nice as always, box comprise 12 mounted metal figures plus 12 plastic horses. If i’m not wrong, horses are the same used in many other Warlord boxes.

Figures have some spare arms to built a unit based in swords or pistols, and it includes a trumpeter and an ensign.

The box also comes with several paper flags, as the used.
This flags are very nice, but paper is too tight, so these flags are hard to handle.

As you can see in the pictures there are three figures not included in the Warlord Games box, they are from “The Assault Group” range, who produces a very interesting range of metal figures highly compatibles with the Warlord range.

If you want to buy them unpainted, take a look in our utility to find them at Ebay.

28mm – Warlord Games – Conversions (French Musketeers King’s Guard).

28mm Warlord Games French Musketeers King’s Guard.

Painted 28mm French Musketeers.

Warlord Games figures are easy to put together and easy to paint, they have and excellent plastic and metal range covering English Civil War and/or Thirty Years Wars. One of the odds is than you get the same plastic sprue in many different boxes, together with different metal accessories and/or special metal figures plus different flags and history fragments. That isn’t of our total approval, but any way they are excellent figures.

After paint a whole box of Imperial Infantry we needed to make something different with these figures, maybe isn’t a very accurate depiction, surely more cinematographic, but it has been a nice exercise for convert these figures in something different.

To make the well know French Musketeers King’s Guard cape we have used standard tissue paper, after several tries we use the best looking one as template to make the rest, it haves 4 parts, chest, back and the two arms.

The cross in the cape have a more intricate design than the one showed here, but we opted for this basic pattern to simplify the paint work.

More complicated was the conversion of the boots, the Warlord Games figures didn’t came with mount boots, so some green stuff was used to create the boots and the spurs (made from metal bits).

If you want to buy these figures unpainted as new, take a look at our utility to find them on Ebay. Note than several boxes come with these figures, we have linked only the Imperial Infantry box.