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Emhar World war one Mk.IV Captured Female tank 1/72.

Hello all,

This is a build that I did about a year ago. I am lucky enough to live near Bovington tank museum home of the first armoured vehicle “little Nelly”. I drive wife nuts dragging her around the same tanks year in year out, so it was a great surprise to find out that the refit had finished and rushed down there. I had the opportunity to sit in a world war one male tank for a talk and was shocked by how cramped it was for eight men to be bumped around the battlefield being shot at and gassed by your own engine fumes. The crew used to be evacuated to rear to recover after 24hours duty. I had to get a model of this tank and ended up with the female version which has machine guns for the anti infantry role rather than armed with main guns.

The kit is only about 33 parts, two tracks and four decal options. Two British and two “Captured” German options. Looking on the Internet most of the other builds went for the British tanks so I wanted something different so went for the German tank.

The detail on these Emhar kits are cracking, lots of rivets and panels. The build of the tank was very straight forward apart from the rail on the top which I left off. According to “On the way” modelling site the instructions are incorrect and show the rail reversed. They are quite fiddly any way and I had fun building them on the Male tank so I thought better of it.

The tracks are quite simple and are the only let down, but a good covering in mud soon sorts out that problem, if you cant see it you cant complain!

This was one of the first tanks that I painted using the airbrush. I copied the camo scheme from the art work on the back of the box so please do not shout at me if it wrong. The decals are not that great but it could be down to me being useless at decals. The gloss effect is the bane of my life. The mud on the tracks came from a Tamiya weather stick and goes on just like a lipstick and gives a great look. MiG rust weathering powder was used to give it that “One careful owner” look.

I would recommend this kit to anyone that fancies a change from “Tigers” and T-34’s”.

The set is available through our Ebay utility.