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1/72 IBG – 72019 – Diamond T 972 Dump Truck

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Some history:

he Diamond T was an American automobile manufactured in Chicago until 1911 by the Diamond T Motor Car Company. The name of company means: “Diamond” for quality and “T” for Tilt like name of owner Charles A.Tilt. Diamond T 4-tons 6×6 series truck introduced in production in early 1941 with 968/969/970 versions covered cargo truck, heavy wrecker and dump truck. Later chassis of this truck were used as universal platform for some special versions like asphalt tank, water tank, crane or snow plows. All versions of Diamond T trucks served in US Army on almost all theaters of Second World War and later to early 1950’s. Some versions of this truck were used by British, Canadian and Polish military units in Second World War too.


About kit.

Everything is fine. All neatly and accurately cast. Fit in perfectly. Added chain, pickaxe, shovel and replaced the mirror on the civilian version. I did a civilian version of the machine that works in the American heartland.


The model as always was painted with acrylic paint, tinted oil paints and MIG pigments.

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2 thoughts on “1/72 IBG – 72019 – Diamond T 972 Dump Truck

    1. Jose-Manuel Chasco

      Thank you Avenger ! , for us it was more interesting this time to use it in a civilian role, not very common in our scale, and the four Diamond T versions released by IBG can be used so. Sorry you was looking for a military version !! But for sure most of modellers will built so, soon you will find it 😉
      Civilian topics bring you the opportunity to work with a different palette ! give them a try 😉
      Cheers !


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