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1-72depot ( & informed about the use of cookies in their web pages.

Cookies are files that can be downloaded to your computer through the web pages. These tools have an essential role to provide many services of the information society. Among others, allow a website to store and retrieve information about browsing habits of a user or their equipment and, depending on the information obtained can be used to recognize the user and improve the service.

Types of cookies

Depending on who is the entity that manages the domain from which you are sent cookies and treat the data obtained can distinguish two types: party cookies and third party cookies .

There is also a second ranking as the length of time they remain stored in the client browser and can be session cookies or persistent cookies .

Finally, there is another classification with five types of cookies according to the purpose for which the data are processed: Technical cookies, cookies for customization, testing cookies, cookies advertising and behavioural advertising cookies .

Cookies used on the web

The following identifies the cookies that are being used on this websites as well as its type and function:

The 1-72depot websites uses Google Analytics , a web analytics service developed by Google, which allows measurement and analysis of navigation in web pages. In your browser you will see four cookies of this service. According to the above typology is party cookies, session and analysis. You can find more information and disable the use of these cookies in

Through web analytics is not obtained information on your personal data to ensure the protection of the privacy of people who surf the web. The information is obtained regarding the number of users accessing the web, the number of page views, frequency and repeat visits, their duration, the browser used, the operator providing the service, the language, the terminal you use, or the city that is assigned IP address. Information that enables a better and more appropriate service from this websites.

We use a tool called Jetpack which also throw some cookies depend on what services we enabled. You can check and controls cookies provided by this partner here.

We prompt links to purchase scale models kits in Ebay, as well as a button to register in Ebay. Ebay throw it’s own cookies, you can get all the information about them here.

Accepting cookies policy

The 1-72depot shows information on the Politics of the cookies in the bottom of any page of the portal in the beginning of the first session. Then a configuration utility will be shown in the bottom right of each page.

Given this information it is possible to carry out the following actions:

  • Accept Cookies . Do not display this warning again to access any portal page during a year.
  • Decline. Hides the notice on this site, but to access any other site page will display the bottom right utility and Google Analytics cookies will not be installed during a year. You still will see our own cookies, as well as Jetpack (read above) or social networks share button cookies and Ebay cookies (Read above).

Change the cookie settings

Although you can use our bottom utility to control the cookies left by this site, the most accurate way to control your cookies privacy is configuring your browser.

You can restrict, block or erase cookies from 1-72depot or any other website, using your browser. In each the different operating browser, the function of ‘Help’ will show you how.

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