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I was a small kid when at Spain were common cheap and ugly copies of Airfix and Atlantic sets, bagged in paper bags, with poses removed, all the flash you can image, and all the lost of detail expectable on cheap copies.

It was early 80s and this kind of cheap figures were on sale till the previous decade, mostly depicting the first editions of Airfix figures, so bad as the first German Infantry, British infantry, first Foreign legion type and so.

Anyway, i was caught, captive forever of the small plastic soldiers, the bright and colour full covers that made my imagination fly.

Together with thousands of those cheap copies, over the years as i was growing, some excellent Matchbox or ESCI sets arrived to my hands, they were the elite of my troops, forming always in vanguard and killing by hundreds the cheap copies.

My dad contributed to this hobby in the measure of our possibilities, he never rejected to buy more cheap copies, although original sets by ESCI or Matchbox, far more expensive, were always in very very limited numbers.

He used to keep a hundreds army of copies from the Airfix American Civil War range, while i faced his army with hundreds of mixed from all eras copies.

And so the years gone, and some scale model also arrived to my hands. Matchbox and some ESCI again, that for years in the 80s enjoyed a very good distribution and availability everywhere, not only specialized stores.
It was the golden age, from 70s to 80s.

As i reached adolescence, the little toy soldiers were apart, the few models dusted, and at the end, everything ended up trashed or gifted to younger kids from friends.

But i never forget, and i never lost the ability to get fascinated by the miniatures, the small soldiers and the history. And with a special devotion to the small 1/72 scale.

Around year 2010, being a mature thirty something guy, i found my life in an excellent stability moment, with time and money for everything i needed, and i missed have a handcraft hobby, do something real, and keep away for some time of computers and communications, always present in my life because my job.

I started to look around, and soon i discovered how long and far the hobby was gone in the years i missed, how much the quality had improved, how much the options were grown, how amazing talented guys were showing their works in social networks, blogs and so. The wick ignited.

Compulsively i was collecting 1/72 figures and kits from one night to next morning, and making plans to buy, store, built and paint thousands of everything… and at the same time i started two projects in internet. One to show my painted figures and kits, and one to create a database and listings of all 1/72 scale kits from the past, present and future.

The truth show me i’m not a good scale models maker and never will be.

I do some better with figures, to a low average standard, and then discovered i do better on 28mm scale and wargaming world. My personal hobby switched then to the 28mm scale and so you can see in my painted figures blog.

But i decided to keep trying about the database and listings for the 1/72 scale world, the site where you are reading this lines.

This is a one person made site, with some contributions from time to time, i’m not a store, i’m not a company, i don’t sell 1/72 kits.

I just keep listings of them, trying to provide some description or thought when i’ve seen the set with my eyes and offering the opportunity to find and buy the kits in Ebay.

I chose Ebay many years ago by the easy reason that they allow me to earn few euros through commissions, to pay the hosting, and there is a well bunch of sellers and old kits on sale in Ebay, and i can do it programatically, which is something related to my job.

I tried other ways during the time, but anything works as Ebay do.

If you reached here reading all of this, you are another 1/72 scale lover, please, contribute , i don’t care if you are a good modeler or painter, just average, or if your models and figures are ugly as hell !, every opinion counts, every figure painted, scale model built, counts.

Send your models, rate the kits or comment about them, i will appreciate.

You can contact me at [email protected], for whatever you need about 1/72 scale world, comments and suggestions about our site or everything else, you are welcome.

If you readed till here and you are a brand, manufacturer or store, and want something from me, just let me know using the above mail.

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