DDS (Dark Dream Studio) – 72002 – Landsknechts (Arquebusiers and Doppelsoldners)


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Arquebusiers and Doppelsoldners

We personally own this box, and although sculpture style could have some criticism about proportions, they are very nice and interesting figures for our eyes. The box haves 30 figures in 10 poses, they are split in Arquebusiers and Doppelsoldners, terrible soldiers armed with double-handed swords, their work was to fight inside the pike blocks, breaking enemies’ pikes with these bigs swords, and because this, their salary was twice of a normal soldier (Doppelsoldners).

You get 5 poses for this swordsmen, and another 5 for Arquebusiers, but as in the pike men set, you can achieve some variation playing with the different hats provided, which can be attached in the head or in the back.


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