AZ Model – AZ7875 – Breda Ba-65A-80 “Nibbio” in Italian service


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Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/72 scale of an Italian 30s and WWII light ground attack and dive bomber aircraft Breda Ba.65, deployed in the Spanish Civil War and North African theatre during the early part of the WWII.

Deployed against the British troops in North Africa, and despite the type was schedule to scrape in early 1940, was keep in service in the absence of other aircraft and proved to be very effective in the role of low altitude and dive bombing, causing important losses between the British tanks. The lack of important defensive armament and low speed compared to British fighters caused severe losses in the Breda Ba-65 fleet available and by 1942 there was almost none in air worthy conditions.

Reissue of kit AZ Model – 7618 – Breda Ba-65 A-80 “Nibbio” in Italian service with same content and decal sheet, including 3 Italian marking dated 1940 for North African campaign.


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