Special Hobby – SH72486 – P-40M Warhawk “Involuntarily from Russia to Finland”

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P-40M Warhawk
“Involuntarily from Russia to Finland”


During the Second World War, the P-40M Warhawk fighter aircraft played a significant role for both the USAAF and the air forces of the Allies. Its versatility and combat capabilities made it a valuable asset on the battlefield.

P-40M Warhawk was a single-seat, single-engine fighter aircraft developed by Curtiss-Wright Corporation. It entered service in 1942 and proved to be a reliable and formidable fighter in various theaters of war. Its design, although not as advanced as some other contemporary aircraft, possessed exceptional durability and impressive firepower.

The P-40M Warhawk: Overview and Features

The P-40M Warhawk featured a powerful Allison V-1710 liquid-cooled V12 engine, which provided it with a top speed of around 360 mph and better performance at altitude. Its armament consisted of six .50 caliber machine guns, as well as the capacity to carry bombs or rockets for ground attack missions. The aircraft’s rugged construction and robust performance made it suitable for various combat scenarios, including dogfights and ground support operations.

Most of them (P-40M variant) were supplied to Allied countries (mainly UK and USSR), known as Kittyhawk Mk. III in the Commonwealth air forces.

The Journey from Russia to Finland

The P-40M Warhawk with the serial number 43-5925 White 23 found itself in an unusual situation. While being flown to its assigned unit in the Soviet Union, its pilot, 2nd Lt. V.A. Revin, mistakenly landed on Finnish territory. Both the aircraft and the pilot were captured by Finnish forces.

The Finnish military was initially hesitant to utilize the captured aircraft in operational service. However, pilots from HLe.Lv.32 believed in the potential of the P-40M Warhawk and secretly worked to make it airworthy. Eventually, their efforts came to light, and the Curtiss aircraft was officially approved for military use.

The Kit

Special Hobby repacks with a new decal sheet their P-40 kit, originally tooled in 2017 (N Variant) as kit Special Hobby – 72374 – P-40N Warhawk, and updated with new parts for the M variant in 2021 as kit Special Hobby – 72382 – P-40M Warhawk.

A new decal is added with three different markings for the same aircraft, the 43-5925 White 23 Soviet P-40M, including the original soviet marking and two markings in Finnish service.


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