Stransky – 7203 – Bücker Bü-181 Bestmann

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Bücker Bü-181 Bestmann

Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/72 scale of a German Bücker Bü-181 Bestmann WWII trainer aircraft.

Despite of being a trainer aircraft, and used during the war in other auxiliary roles such liaison, in March of 1945 and order was given to transform them into tank busters, armed with 4 Panzerfaust anti-tank grenade launchers, mounted two and two in each wing, one above and one below, as shown the box art illustration. Some other were converted to night bombers, carrying carrying three 50-kilogram bombs. Desperate measures by the end of the war.

Markigns detail.


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Bücker Bü-181 Bestmann, International, 1:72, Stransky, Plastic, Novelty

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