Bronco Models – GB7012 – Chinese Chang Zheng-1D Space Launch Vehicle


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Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/72 scale of a Chinese Zheng-1D (Long March 1D) space rocket.

The Long March 1D belonged to China’s Long March rocket family, with China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT) developing an enhanced version of the DF-4 during the 1990s. This modification aimed to test the reentry vehicle warheads of the DF-31 and, capitalizing on the development, CALT presented it as the Long March 1D for commercial use. The key modifications included an improved first stage utilizing the new YF-2B version and a switch to UDMH/N2O4 propellants for enhanced performance. The DF-4 second stage motor YF-3A was replaced by the Long March 4 third stage engine, the YF-40.

Moreover, a new inline inter-stage was introduced to replace the existing tapered connector between the second and third stages, allowing an additional 70cm diameter to be added to the third stage skirt. This modification facilitated the addition of a Reaction Control System (RCS) to the third stage. The revamped design also featured a new third stage equipped with the FG-36 motor and an optional RCS, along with a new computer inertial guidance system that enabled 3-axis stabilization for increased precision. However, this design did not receive a favorable response and was primarily utilized for reentry vehicle tests. It underwent three suborbital missions from Taiyuan LC-1, achieving two successes and one failure during the final mission on January 3, 2002.


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