ICM – 72591 – BM-24-12 Multiple Launch Rocket System


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Multiple Launch Rocket System

Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/72 scale of a Soviet BM-24 multiple rocket launcher, often still referred as Katyusha as the WWII models, but this one is an after war design, 1947, mainly built over ZIL-151 6×6 Truck chassis and which has seen action in the middle east conflicts and still remains operative with some countries.

The naming also follows the WWII pattern, being 24 the caliber of the rockets, 240mm and 12 the number of launch rails/tubes.

Kit consists of 158 plastic parts, the rocket system and rockets themselves are well bunch of the parts. Only one marking is specified in the instructions sheet and decal is shared with other ZIL-151 based releases by ICM.


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