First to Fight – 106 – Sd.Kfz 138/1 “GRILLE” AUSF.H


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Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/72 scale of a German WWII self propelled artillery Sd.Kfz 138/1 “GRILLE”, also known as 15 cm sIG 33 (Sf) auf Panzerkampfwagen 38(t), as you can suppose build by joining a Czech Panzer 38(t) tank chassis and a 15 cm sIG 33 infantry gun.

First to Fight produced before both the Pz 38(t) and the sIG 33 but molds need to be re-done to accommodate parts for a “GRILLE” AUSF.H and the only sprue you will find reused are the tracks from the Pz 38(t) and the lower chassis part. Part by Part, you will recognize many parts of the sIG 33 kit by the sprue is different which means a new mold.



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