UMMT (Ukrainian Models Military Technics) – 698 – The Legendary Armored Train of the Second World War, “Ilya Muromets”


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No. 702-31st Special “Gorky-Warsaw” Division Of Armored Trains

Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/72 scale of a Soviet WWII armored train, Ilya Muromets, an armored train of type BP-43 constructed in 1942 in Murom, credited with the destruction of a German armored train, a very rare event in the war.

UMMT issues here some already released as stand alone platforms together with a new platform, a mix with two 37mm anti-aircraft guns and 81mm rocket launcher in the center of the platform, the kit include one of this new platforms (real trains had between 1 and 3 of these). The armored locomotive is a type PR-43 (UMMT – 680 – Armored Lokomotive Of Type “PR-43”) though not all the parts of the stand alone kit are included, which is fine, as almost every locomotive built had some difference, also similar, but different to the UMMT – 684 – Armored locomotive of the armored train “Kozma Minin”, the Kozma Minin was another BP-43 armored train. The armored platforms are type UMMT – 691 – Armored Platform of the Armored Trains “Kozma Minin” and “Ilya Muromets” (Type PL-42) with two 76,2mm F-34 guns in T-34 tanks turrets.

As usual in the brand, kit includes a large number of PE parts.


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