28mm – The ASSault Group – Ottoman Deli

Deli are probably a less known type of Ottoman light cavalry, but for sure they are a very beautiful topic to paint, and a challenge.

If you look a bit, will find some amazing illustrations about the fierce aspect of these warriors, and TAG did a pretty good work depicting them.

Specially some of the command figures, caught the essence of many of that illustrations.

They are mix of bows and lances, almost all of them wear furs and there is also a well bunch of wings attached to helmets or shields.

In particular the two figures wearing double wings on helmets, are absolutely amazing, and the winged shield, is another great feature.

The guy with the green stripes shield, is one of those double winged, and it’s clearly inspired by one the illustrations mentioned. I must say, these wings are very fragile. Sadly i broke one while dry brushing 🙁 and even if glued i don’t think it will last too much in position once the games and transportations starts.

Horses also wear a variety of furs. I tried to paint them in a variety of colors, but the leopard ones, are always a challenge to me, and i don’t feel like they looks too good this time.

I highly recommend these figures to give more variety in the Ottoman Cavalry.

All the Ottoman Empire XVI-XVII Army:

28mm – The Assault Group – SIpahi with Swords

This is the first group of Sipahi by The Assault Group i’ve painted, another two, one of them “of The Porte”, are still waiting to be finished.

Figures are pretty good as all the range by the brand. I like the big shields, although maybe i didn’t get best of them with the easy chess-board and stripes designs.

All the figures wear almost same clothes, there is a mix of helmets, shields and some of them also carry bows.

They ride same horses you can get with the Akinjis, and some of the helmets and figure appearance, ressemble a lot to those Akinjis. That would be my only criticism to these figures, i would have expected bit more differences making them look higher rank than Akinjis.

I tried a more color full paint this time, and all the tunics got some decoration, to difference them.

All the Ottoman Empire XVI-XVII Army:

28mm – Tercios Miniatures By El Kraken Released – Ottoman Artillery

Lights and shadows.. those are my thought about the full Ottoman range by this brand, Tercios Miniatures by El Kraken released, and these thoughts doesn’t apply to the Spanish Tercios range, which is a brilliant one, but they also apply to the Polish Lithuanian range.

Below we have some pictures from an Ottoman gun, with three crew figures. And this is the beginning of the shadows, to me, 3 crew men, are not enough for a gun.

The figures itself are in the correct side, but nothing special, they provide a weird sponge by one side linstock by the other as the only tool in the kit, that i didn’t used, instead of it, a TAG Linstock has been added.

The figure carrying the Linstock, is probably the worse in the lot.

The other looks good to me, but i would have prefer a real sable/sword instead of that ridiculous knife to order a gun fire. And even better, and specialist pose aiming the gun or any other useful task.

Any assemble is required for the figures other than attach the tool provide or of your choice to the figure intended for it.

The we can speak about the gun.

It’s very well engineered, carriage come in 2 parts, and the locks for the barrel are also individual parts, plus the barrel itself and wheels, you get a 7 parts gun, while the common here is a 4 parts.

This way, they can achieve a better detail in the carriage, and it’s not particularly difficult to fit together.

Detail is pretty good all over the gun, and the barrel has a simple but nice decoration.

But if you carefully looks at the pictures, probably will feel the same than me.. there is some sort of disproportion in between the barrel length and the carriage.. and if looks carefully at the picture where the gun is in a frontal view, there is another disproportion between the carriage length and its width.

All together the gun looks fine, but weird on almost every side view. Too narrow for its length and barrel doesn’t fit either the carriage length.

Drums and sacks in the base decoration are not by the brand, they are resin items from several manufacturers. I had a quite long deposit of such items, mixed from many different purchases, so it’s hard to remember who exactly made what.

All the Ottoman Empire XVI-XVII Army: