Italeri British Infantry [UPDATED]

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Italeri 6056 British Infantry
50 Figuras
15 poses (13 stand up)

Another classic set form Italeri, re-issuing an Esci mould. The figures are a bit taller than her brother set 60033, but they look almost the same in a 40/50 cm range.

Two figures have been modified to become PIAT loaders.

PIAT "Loaders" modified figures
PIAT "Loaders" modified figures
Italeri, British Commando, head changed.

I have imported two figures from Italeri British Commando, changing their heads, with a perfect pose to be Sargeants.

All the gallery down the page.

As other times, i have to exploit my large collection of Citadel paints, so here is my Citadel paint guide for British Infantry, although i think the uniform looks too dark.

I know i’m not a great painter, but i enjoys a lot doing this and the result looks well in a wargame scenery