Caesar Multipart Series InBox review. Product codes , 7211, 7213, 7214, 7216, 7217, 7215.

Well, all these new releases by Caesar have been expected as something new in the brand range, and who knows, if something new for the hobby.
We have received six boxes, for the codes 7211, 7213, 7214, 7216, 7217, 7215, the paratroopers box seems to haven’t been released jet.
Note that boxes came marked as 7711, 7713, 7714, 7716, 7717, 7715 codes.

We was happy to unpack the first box…

The first we missed out, was an instruction sheet… the only instructions are in the back box, the same in all the boxes, and four our taste, this is clearly insufficient (at least for us).


What you get in all these boxes…
All the boxes haves the same format, there are two sprue for the bodies, which came with arms, legs and chest separated in 5 parts. These sprue allow you to built up 16 figures, with any option unless you built up less figures and try to combine parts.
This sprue is different in the six boxes.

To see in detail, right click, open link in new tab, and see the full image.
To see in detail, right click, open link in new tab, and see the full image.

After this, all the boxes have 3 equal sprue with accessories such weapons, ammo pouches, helmets and so, they are enough for the bodies included in the box.
These 3 sprue are the same in the 6 boxes, we have purchased all these references, so we have 18 equal sprue in our hands. Well, we will have a lot of spare parts for other uses, but we think that some variation could be good…

To see in detail, right click, open link in new tab, and see the full image. You will get 3 of this sprue in any box.

The last in the box are three small sprue with 10 faces and pistol in it, and these sprue also are repeated in all the boxes.. we have 30×6 = 180 faces for 96 figures… once again we think that some variation could be good…

To see in detail, right click, open link in new tab, and see the full image. Another 3 of this sprue in any box.

Lets go with some figures…
We have chose the 7716 German Panzergrenadiers (in Normandy) box.
Plastic is hard, and it took well our glue (Tamiya plastic cement), you must be careful, this glue can damage smallest parts, and there are a well bunch of small parts.

Built so small figures is not always an easy question, the figures are engineered like Preiser figures, it means that position of the parts is not always clear, specially with arms, all the legs joint the other leg and then the body goes over them, this part is easy but don’t allow much (easy) variation.
As guide, you must take one of the box sides, where you will find the 8 poses of each box. Note than you have some space to variation.
Problems don’t take many time to appear… as always, maybe is my fault, but is impossible to get one Kar 98 decently posed in fire position… so both kneeling figures, well, we haven’t achieve any convincing pose with these. After some tries, we give as lost our first figure..
The prone pose haven’t interest for us… two other figures lost (it’s our personal taste).
Put the weapons in their hands is a common problem, the problem of rigid parts, and the problem of the lack of instructions or concrete suggestions.
We also don’t feel very natural the heads positions, and damage helmets when you cut of the sprue is very easy. Hats works better.

After some assembly you will need to fill minor gaps. Weapons don’t fit hands in a natural way. These are our first three figures, after lost one.
Attach to sprue are too tick for so small parts, is easy to damage helmets or other parts. We still have some work to do with these guys, fill gaps, sand imperfects.. You can choose a reasonable bunch of accessories for their backs.
Comparison with the also new H077 German Soldiers with Tank Raiders, not the best Caesar box, some of the figures looks some flat… about tall as you can see they are fully compatibles.
We can’t not say this is an excellent figure. A lot of work to achieve this, not recommended for beginners.

Three figures are enough for our first contact, a lot of work must be done to assemble the whole set, and for sure some of the pose will don’t look very natural.

And what about detail…
Well, proportions are good, these sets produces figures totally compatible with previous Caesar releases. Details is correct, but not very crisp, in fact, is difficult to see some details, and it will be worst during painting process…

So what we think…
Mmmmmmmm… we think that buy the 6 boxes have been a wrong decision by us, just one or two boxes it’s enough for us. 😉
You get some spare parts, which can be very useful to complete other figures, to use in vehicles and so, and you can achieve some nice variation combining different accessories in the figures and arms positions + weapons, although they don’t fit always well.
You get a lot of work to put together all the parts.
These are not bad figures at all, but we are not very happy with the way they have been released, with so many sprue equals in all the boxes. More variation in the weapons would be desirable, as panzerchecks, panzerfaust, different MGs.. you get the same in all the boxes.. (no panzerchecks or panzerfaust)

Sincerely, we expected some more of Caesar.  We don’t feel that these boxes beat the Preiser standard, and of course, they are thousand miles away of a 28mm multipart set.  What do you think ?

4 thoughts on “Caesar Multipart Series InBox review. Product codes , 7211, 7213, 7214, 7216, 7217, 7215.”

  1. I bought all seven boxes and had the same hopes as you, that they would be better than the Preiser figs released so many years ago. Alas, like you, I am left feeling very disappointed in the quality. The figs when assembled aren’t bad, in fact, they look good. However, the amount of work required to get a nice figure put together is just far too much. Interestingly, I was also putting together the Dragon 1/72 hard plastic German Paras at the same time, and found them a lot of work but the detail provided by Dragon to be vastly superior in all respects (aside from the static poses of the actual figs). So if Dragon can produce great looking weapons and equipment (and these have been out for several years – sold in the King Tiger sets) then why hasn’t Caesar bothered to at least meet that level of quality. Overall, not a purchase that I am at all happy about :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  2. Thanks for the comment Rob. As you said, something better was expected.
    In fact, we brought six boxes and now we are trying to sell five of them in Ebay… we haven’t seen in our hands the Dragon figures, but many times we have though why they don’t produce more figures or at least guns or heavy weapons with crew, their vehicles has a very good detail level and are very well engineered, so we suppose they have the capacity to produce outstanding multi-part figures.
    We have several Preiser sets, and we are agree with you, in average, they are better than this new Caesar ones.
    We want to say that not everything is bad in the Caesar sets, they can produce some nice and unusual figures, and you get a lot of accessories for other figures. An skilled figure converter such Cristian Florescu ( for sure will take care of this sets, but it isn’t for us.


  3. I bought the poncho’s and the winterclothing boxes (sprues) for relatively much money.
    The idea to be able to make yr own figs especially with rare clothing appeals though. When would Dragon release the fallschirm jaeger all together or with the paks? I would stand in line. These are a bit below par due to similar acc sets, bodies ok though. The acc sets are in the SIG 33 Howitzer set plus some men for less money and you get the cannon as well.
    Peter van Kempen

    1. Thanks for comment Peter ! As you said the idea about make your own figures is very good indeed, we brought 6 boxes !!! imagine how many repeated weapons and accessories we have !!!
      For sure you will get some nice figures with a bit of patience ! You can share your works in our Facebook page, which is open for all Scale Models’ fan. !!

      These days also PSR has reviewed this sets, not very nice figures built there !!! xD

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