Dragon – 11003 – Apollo 10 CSM + LM + LES


Dragon – 11003 – Apollo 10 CSM + LM + LES

– Transparent lunar module adapter is newly produced
– Beautifully reproduced Apollo 10
– Launch escape motor replicates the original
– Pre-formed display stand
– Launch escape tower and aft boost protective cover can be separated assembled
– Authentic lunar module molded w/ascent and descent stages
– Egress platform with delicate detail
– Tiny reaction control thrusters assembled
– Intricate docking target and VHF antenna on ascent stage
– S-band steerable antenna and rendezvous radar antenna can be folded up/down
– Docking Probe Assembly rendered w/intricate detail
– Realistic service propulsion system reproduced
– Aft heat shield molded w/fine detail
– Realistic engine and landing radar antenna molded w/details


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