1/72 Scale news, July 2023.

1/72 Figures


Fantastic news with four new releases by Alliance (Dark & Light Alliance) which adds two new references for the Eastern Tribes (Easterlings), Dark Alliance – 72056 – Mounted Light Eastern tribes Set 1 and Dark Alliance – 72057 – Mounted Light Eastern tribes Set 2, one new reference for the Southern Kingdom (Gondor) Dark Alliance – 72061 – Southern Kingdom Warriors (Set 2) Heavy Cavalry and one new release that we think comes from the TV series Rings of Power, and depicts Numenor cavalry, under a “Windy Bay Warriors” title that promises more related releases in the future. Dark Alliance – 72062 – Windy bay warriors Set 1 Heavy Cavalry.

The four sets keeps the usual quality by the brand. They are the first releases by Alliance since 2021 and we celebrate that the brand is back in business. These new releases for sure will delight fantasy fans in 1/72 scale an in particular those who love Tolkien universe.