Amodel is a prolific Ukrainian manufacturer specialized in not common topics, and also some really really big planes.

They have a very extensive catalogue that just today we are proud to announce we are adding to our listings (We already have few models in the Space section).

To start we added today 40 references, but more than 300 are waiting to be published in the next days.

This mean a great improve in our Aircraft listings, specially in the civil aviation section.

They work with short run technology, this means kits are often gone till moulds are restored/re-done and also that their kits are probably recommended for medium/experienced modellers but not beginners.

For some of the very very big planes, they work not only with injected plastic, is not uncommon to see some fiberglass part like fuselage or wings, something also done by Modelsvit.

Some of their models can be found (with variations or new decals) in the Sova-M range.

Summarizing, it’s a very interesting manufacturer, with tons of unusual planes, specially Soviet and Russian topics, as well as lot of modern/contemporary Civilian aircraft topics.

Don’t miss this opportunity and check Amodel in all their categories:

1/72 Scale space kits: Amodel
1/72 Scale civilian aircraft: Amodel
1/72 Scale civilian helicopters: Amodel
1/72 Scale Military Aircraft: Amodel
1/72 Scale Military Helicopters: Amodel

And stay tuned, more than 300 references by the Amodel , and almost all of them available, are being added this week.

2020/10/13 Update, just this morning 100 new references have been published. Only 168 more to go.

2020/10/14 Another 100 references from Amodel have been published right now. :O
Just 68 to go.

2020/10/15 Today we’ve added 50 new references. And now there is only 2 more to go.


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