May 13th to May 19th Updates. (May 2013)

Well, this have been the most boring week since this weekly updates report started… but even this we have some interesting events to report.

We also updated a missing item in the Linear-B/Strelets listing, the first of the “Spartacus Uprising” sets.

Maybe, the most interesting update, by their quality, is the new MACO sWS armoured cab version, this time with a Flak 38, supposedly to be done by Revell.

In the side of forthcoming releases, although not listed, we have some novelties by RedBox, they are some small resin bags for the Imperial Japanese World War II, which in the end, will be released as a big plastic box. 12 of this small resin bags have been listed in some retailers and it’s supposed that they will be merged in 3 plastic boxes, so we can assume a 12 poses format for that, with 4 of the resin bags for each set.

Very interesting also is the forthcoming release by Linear-B, a civilian box for the Tudor era, with some very nice and interesting figures inside.

By last, a new Dragon Pz.IV is in the horizon, and soon listed here.

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