Revell – 02515 – World War II German Artillery (Deutsche Artillerie WWII)

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World War II German Artillery

This is an absolutely brilliant set, in our opinion a must have for every single collector.

The box contains 15 figures in 15 different poses, plus 7 horses in 7 poses, one limber (6 horse team), 2 guns and several accessories as ammo shells, canteens, separated helmets, rifles, backpacks and a pistol in its pistol holder.

The figures can be split in three groups:

There are 7 foot figures depicting a full crew for one of the guns, firing the gun.

The second group are 4 mounted figures, 3 of them mounting horses in the limber team, and another one mounting the single horse (An officer).

The third group are 4 seat figures, to be seat on the limber, those together with the three on horse makes another “full” team.

The guns, 10.5 cm le FH 18, one is in travel position, to be attached to the limber and the other one is deployed to fire. The kit includes three pairs of wheels, two of them are steel pressed type, issued for mechanical traction, and one pair are wooden spike type, for the animal traction tow but in this case are for the limber. It would have been great to have also spoked wheels to choose for the two guns included. Another improvement could have been some extra parts for later variants 10.5 cm le FH 18, such the leFH 18M.

Sculpture and proportions of the figures are just top class, the mounted figures, without be intended to be WWII mounted Wermatch infantrymen, are by far the best mounted Germans WWII you can find despite other attempts to depict such soldiers in the 1/72 scale (Caesar, Waterloo 1815 or the worse of them, the HäT attempt).

The parts for the gun inherit the typical problems of the soft plastic, but even this they are finely moulded to its best, with a great detail level considering the soft plastic problem. Parts fit very well, almost not requiring glue, but in the few places where you will want to use glue, you will find the problem of what glue to use with the soft plastic.

Regarding the figures, most of them are beautifully casted, but they are not totally free of common problems like mould lines, some plastic excess and some flash. There are some better examples in the 1/72 scale about face expressions, but in our opinion these have enough detail for the scale thought some molest mould line.

The too realistic proportions of the figures make them difficult to mix with other makers, especially later 2000-2010s releases.

Tooled in 1995, remains as one of the best exponents of the Revell (in cooperation with Preiser) figure line, and an unique early WWII (1939 to 1941) artillery set, without counterpart either competitors by any other release.



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