Mars – 72134 – Ancient Artillery


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Ancient Artillery

Unpainted and unassembled plastic soldiers in 1/72 scale box depicting an ancient onager, an ancient catapult used and produced in several different sizes and slightly different mechanisms. The design included in the box seems plausible.

This set is a rework and reissue of the old LW – 50 – Onager, the sprue has been reworked adding a horse figure as well as total numbers have been raised. Originally the LW set included one Onager and five foot figures, now the numbers are 3 Onagers, 15 foot figures and 3 horses.

The Onager is a simplified piece but acceptable, split in 6 different parts each. The figures included are sort of generic ancient warriors, roman or greek, and none is operating the onager. The quality of the figures is low.


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