Mars – 72135 – Dacian Army


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Dacian Army

This box includes 44 figures in 16 different poses, in a mix of foot and mounted figures. The box is a combination of two old EVO (Evolution) and LW products, the Dacian Infantry and the Dacian Cavalry, combined to create this “Dacian Army” box.

The 14 infantry poses of the original LW set LW – 2010 – Dacian Infantry has been keep, but we are unsure of the number, originally they were 42 figures, a 3x format. Same happen with the two mounted figures in two poses, the original EVO set Evolution – EVF036 – Dacian Cavalry (also released two times under LW brand) included the same two poses but provided five different horses and a total of 5 mounted figures. Seem that Mars keep here just 2 figures and 2 of the horses but we are unsure.

The topic is a very interesting one, but quality of the sculpture and cast is far below the best standards of the hobby and even below of the latest Mars products.

Back box showing all the poses and painted examples.


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